The Upper Four Chakras

Sometimes we tend to work with the chakras as though the upper ones are more important than the lower ones.  Last week I gave an overview of the three lower chakras.   We do ourselves a disfavour when we pay more attention to one area that the other. But we have a tendency to do just that. Just noticing what we are inclined to do is the first step to paying attention to all seven.

The heart is the middle or the fourth chakra. It plays a vital role in connecting the upper and lower chakras because it holds emotions. Living only in the upper chakras distances us for the real life we are meant to live and the heart helps us take our learning, both cognitive and spiritual from the upper chakras to the doing part of our lives in the lower ones. We can think about things constantly and nothing happens because it is just all in our heads. Likewise we can be spiritual, meditating and prayerful, without connecting it to the life we are intended to live through our lower chakras.

The 5th chakra is the throat chakra and it is very much a place for self-expression. Speaking our truth is important. We express ourselves through our voice, our smile and frown and through our hands in music, art, writing and more.  Of course this chakra cannot function independently. Who we are is lived through all the chakras so the throat chakra gives us the opportunity to share that outwardly. The second chakra is connected to our creativity. These two areas of our lives, related to the second and the fifth chakras, connect in our creative expression.

The sixth chakra is the Brow Chakra or the Third Eye. It is related to our thinking and visioning. We spend a lot of time here in our culture. On its own, it would be simply continual thinking and visioning and little action. It is when we bring our vision to the heart level, linking it to our emotions, that we are capable of taking it to the action level.

The seventh chakra is our crown chakra which is our connection to the divine and to our higher self … to our wisdom. One of the resources I use when talking about the chakras is “The Book of Chakras” by Ambika Wauters. Some of you will be familiar with this book because I have used it as a resource for some retreats and workshops you may have attended. Wauters writes,

“The Crown Chakra is the most elevated chakra in the system. It provides the means to deepen our indelible connection with the source of our being. Whether we wish to make this connection conscious is up to us. The link is there; we must only acknowledge it to experience it. There is nothing to be done to make this connection other than recognize it.”

Metaphorically, the different chakras represent different parts of ourselves which, when integrated represent a holistic model of who we are. Because there seems to be different life stages in which these chakras mature, it could be viewed as a developmental model or even another hierarchy of needs much like that described by Maslow.

Energetically, it seems that the wholeness of who you are functions at its best when the energy is flowing in a balanced way and the chakras are all working equally well. They all need our attention. When the body is in that balanced state, it is at its best for healing.
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