The Root Chakra (Part 1)

I mentioned The Book of Chakras last time. I will be continuing to use it as a major resource for these blogs. I highly recommend it to you not only because I like it but also I find clients have liked it also. I checked the price online at Chapters and it is $16.92. There are many other books about the Chakras also.

Location and Function:  The root chakra lies in the perineum at the base of the spine. While all the chakras are important, this one is foundational. It develops earliest within the first seven years of life. It is responsible for guiding us in meeting our basic needs. Being connected to the adrenal glands means that input through this chakra is strongly connected to our survival.
It is also our connection to the earth, aiding our sense of stability and inner strength.

Personally I see the importance of connecting with the root chakra regularly to keep me attentive to my life in this moment, and more present with those around me. When I am feeling a little pressured with meeting deadlines or in a head space trying to work through some challenge, I find that bringing my awareness down to the root chakra helps me feel more balanced. Try it. Your attention may very well be around your head somewhere now but take a deep breath and bring your awareness down, down, down. You can go to the bony structures of your pelvis and lower spine. There you are. Can you feel the stability and sense of calm?

What Else Does it Do?   But it is also more than that. As I understand it, the root chakra holds all those biases and beliefs that we learned in the early growing-up years. Wauters writes: “When people live exclusively within the Root Chakra, they are overly attached to land, tradition, home and family, and clan or tribal roots. …When people exist entirely from their Root Chakras, they are aware only of the petty differences that divide people and nations.”(p 43)

So when the root chakra is constricted and tight, we see challenges, conflict, and prejudice. If we were having a discussion about this right now, I know that every one of you could easily identify ways the root chakra is not functioning well in the countries of the earth, including ours; in religion, yes even your religion; in families, yes all our families. Paying attention to the root chakra, opening our thoughts could help us bring peace around us.

CBT:  So how do we work with this? Work is the correct word. It does take work. We have to get rid of our closed or narrow beliefs. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is currently a type of therapy that is working well in a variety of situations. A big part of CBT is identifying what beliefs we are holding onto that we don’t need to hold anymore. Some beliefs are far too narrow, black and white, very biased. But we don’t even know we hold them.  But you can work on this on your own too.

And More ... There are other ways that the root chakra can hold us back. I will share those next week. In the meantime just notice those beliefs you are hanging on to that you can let go. We are all humans, each with a right to joy and happiness and health. Just notice. Free yourself of unnecessary attachments and let joy back in. Ah!!!

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