The Root Chakra cont’d

The root chakra responds to what we think and feel. If we think we are threatened, we feel angry and defensive … maybe even afraid. Similarly when our way of life is threatened, or our culture or our religion, the root chakra triggers a cool response, even hatred, sometimes sparking violence. I am sure this is ringing a bell related to the global news.

On the other hand, when we clearly know that our way of being is secure, we can more easily be more understanding and accepting of others. This is why fighting another does not bring peace. Remember the words to the song “this is not the way to put an end to war”. Don’t you wish we could all understand this concept and live it. Yet even within our own life, we are sometimes very susceptible to feeling the same threat and acting out rather than being understanding.

It seems that developing attitudes of trust that life is good even though difficult and even challenging, we can respond with the more positive responses of the root chakra.
Let’s link our root chakra to our thoughts. By changing our perspective, wearing different glasses to view the world, we can choose something that gives us more inner stability. We become more grounded and then more able to cope with change.

The negative or shadow side of the root chakra is hopelessness and feeling as a victim. If we can switch our thoughts to believing in the goodness of life perhaps through spiritual beliefs, or perhaps through nature such as walks through trees or along a shoreline, we can become more trusting. Meditation can bring us to that place too. Accepting who we are we become more grateful for some of life’s experiences and that is uplifting.

I wish you time and space to build trust in life and in yourself.

Till next time,


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