Reiki Classes and Self Care Workshops scheduled this fall.

New events happening this fall:

Reiki Classes

To Register contact me by email at or phone at 519 371 1255.

Three people will be completing their first level of Reiki tomorrow evening and are planning to take Reiki level 2 starting Thursday Oct 10 6:30 to 9:30 for three Thursdays.

I will be offering a full day Reiki level 1 class on Friday Nov 1st. I have two registered for that and am open for 2 or 3 more.


I will be offering four Wednesday afternoon workshops on alternate Wednesdays starting Oct 9th.

The following workshops will be offered on Wednesday afternoons 1:15 to 3:15.
For more details click on link above.

To Register contact me by email at or phone at 519 371 1255.

The Power of Your Thoughts: Wednesday October 9th

In this 2 hour workshops we will discuss how our thoughts actually determine how we respond to different life events. There will be some discussion and several daily life examples. Changing your thoughts does change your life but the process of making that change is not easy. The thoughts are often not conscious unless we make an effort to be aware of them. Join me for this workshop and we will explore ways to work with this.

Staying On Track: Wednesday October 23rd

Even though we fully intend to carry out an action to meet a goal, it is not uncommon to resort to old habits. Join me as we discuss strategies for moving forward with some of your goals or your direction. You will identify and work with some of your obstacles and distracters that may be keeping you from reaching what you want

Self Care for Everyone: Wednesday November 6th

It is not uncommon to put others first in our effort to be a “good person” but the reality is that when you wear down, you have nothing left to give. You could be a parent, a sales person, a manager, a caregiver, or anyone who feels responsible for working with others in some formal or informal way. This workshop will be experiential with opportunities to use guided visualization, relaxation techniques and some meridian tapping. Join me as your first step to looking after yourself.

Building Resilience to Handle Challenges: Wednesday November 20th

When people are stressed they don’t have time to attend a workshop to manage stress. When it gets better, they think they don’t need it any more. What we all need is a repertoire of ways to handle stress when it arrives as well as building resilience to reduce its impact in the first place. Join me for this workshop to learn to better understand stress and how to work with it.

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