Balance, Moderation and the Sacral Chakra

This is a topic that comes up regularly in my life as I work at finding and maintaining balance and moderation in the things that are important for me.

The Sacral Chakra, when functioning well, pays attention to just that. I refer again to The Chakra Book by Ambika Wauters. The quotes I am using in this piece or writing all come from this book.

“Finding the balance between control and letting go is essential for this chakra to function.” pg 50.

I often think of this chakra as one that is about our relationships with people, things, and even concepts. It is related to the things we feel attached to as well as the things we feel undeserving of.  I see it strongly related to the terms moderation and balance.  But it is also about the boundaries we set in our relationships.  In fact it is about all those aspects of how we see who we are and what we have and do and love.

When the sacral chakra is unbalanced in a negative way, the martyr in us kicks in. The “victim” mentality of the low functioning root chakra has a person staying alive by drawing on the energy of others.  The “martyr” feelings of a low functioning sacral chakra leaves a person depriving themselves because they don’t feel good enough.  Good enough for what? for the things she wishes she had. It can get complicated. Therapy or counseling may be needed.  But let’s examine some affirmations that strengthen the functioning of this chakra. (pg 54)

“I honor my body and treat myself respectfully”
 “I love who I am exactly as I am”
 “I treat myself to the joys of life”
 “I know that I deserve what I say I want”
 “I am able to balance what I have and what I want”
 “I accept that good health is my natural state”

What comes to mind for me as I read these affirmations is the statement one makes when using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in challenging situation. While initiating the procedure with tapping in a specific location, the person says “Even though I (could be something like feel irritated by what she said, or have a bad headache) I totally and completely love myself”. We are told to say that with courage and commitment from our hearts and with passion. Feel it.  The entire procedure is carried out with this in mind and it brings results.  Let me know if you want links to the EFT website.

“This chakra embodies the totality of our physical health and emotional well-being. It can bring us the highest degree of health or be the most dysfunctional of all energy centers in the human energy system…. The Sacral Chakra works from a deep unconscious realm where our attitudes about ourselves create our physical well-being.” pg 52

This Chakra is very important to our health. Pay attention to it and honour its work.

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