About Reiki Classes

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So glad you have an interest in Reiki.  I offer Reiki sessions in my home office just 1Km outside of Owen sound in Georgian Bluffs (Sarawak).

 About the Reiki Classes

My recent experience taking the Shinpiden (Reiki 111) course with Frans Stiene has inspired new ways to bring the traditional forms of Reiki into what I teach and how I teach it.

This is still in the development stages.   I am planning to lead a Reiki and Forest bathing retreat in the late summer or early fall.  For more information, come back to this page .  I will be describing it in my blog which you can have delivered to your email inbox by signing up on the sidebar.

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  1. I am wondering if you be teaching a Reiki level 2 course in the fall as I am interested in taking my level 2 and eventually my master. I completed my level 1 in Feb. It is Usui Reiki level 1. Thank you for your time.

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