Working with energy options

Perhaps energy work is new to you. Or perhaps not. It is important that you feel safe and comfortable with anyone who is working in your energy field. This is why I am explaining how I would work with you if you were to choose energy work.

Remember that there are a variety of techniques for working with energy. What is most important is trust and that the technique used suits the situation to be addressed. Given this, it is best when the practitioner and the client are in rapport, and have established a common “intention” for the energy work.

Your first visit with me usually takes about an hour and a half.  Cost is $70.

At this time there is an opportunity for building a trusting and caring relationship, and general assessment of the situation. It also gives you, the client, the opportunity to see if it is the right fit for you. When we connect for that visit, I will have several questions for you to answer in the best way you can at that time. Together we will establish a foundation for what we would do next.

With any energy work it is important to be clear on our intention for what happens. It is surprising how much of what we think about affects what happens.

I will use a hand scan as well as a pendulum to check your chakras and field. Depending on the situation, we may choose to use some colour projection and music.  Mostly I like to use Reiki however I often suggest such things as guided visualization, some Emotional Freedom Technique or other techniques I know can be effective.

I know that following reiki, you will likely feel much more relaxed with a higher sense of well-being. We have to let your body do what it needs to and is able to do best for healing. Being in the best place energetically gives your body the best environment in which to balance and heal itself.

I usually suggest that people schedule 4 or 5 appointments.  We will discuss their spacing depending on the situation and your finances.   Initially I suggest you just come for one session to be sure that you feel it is the right fit for you. Then further sessions would be decided together so that it is in your best interest. Because energy work is very relaxing, it can help you be in the right frame of mind to sort out issues or problem solve.  It is not therapy but can support the work you may be doing with a psychotherapist if that is your goal.

I am happy to discuss this further on the telephone if you wish. 519 371 1255 . Then you can decide if you would like to set up an appointment.

I look forward to hearing from you

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