May 7th: Reiki Learning and Practice Workshop

Learning and Practicing Reiki

After returning from a deeply moving Shinpiden experience with Frans Steine in Vermont, I find my Reiki practice and meditation changed.  The day we will spend together is my attempt to begin sharing with you some of the very important aspects of Reiki I am learning. The course we attended was called Shinpiden. This is the traditional Japanese name for Level 3 or Reiki Master. 

Description of the day:

Frans emphasized with us the great importance of grounding in the hara.  In the morning we will spend time with some simple grounding exercises, and meditations using the first symbol.  This day will be experiential with discussion.  Those with Reiki 2 will learn a way of using the symbols which is different from the way I originally taught it.  Those to whom I taught the Reiki Master will learn a more profound way of being the “Master Symbol”.

I do not profess to ever be the teacher that Frans is.  His knowledge and experience is born of spending time experiencing some of the old Japanese traditions with Monks and Priests in Japan and other places.  I know I can share some of it with you and sincerely hope this will deepen your growing reiki experience and personal reiki practice.  Meanwhile I will be slowly changing the information on my website. 

Frans continually referred to the Reiki precepts or ideals which is really the way to finding our True Self.  We will spend time with the precepts in the afternoon, discussing them and bringing them within ourselves.  I am sure we will have lively discussion about them and look forward to learning different ways of bringing them into daily life with you.

Frans is an outstanding teacher, fun to be with.  What a role model. We would be serious for the meditations then laughing and having fun with stories in between.  Life is all good.

If you have any questions about the day, please just ask.

When:  Monday May 7th  9:15 till 4:30

Where:  Her Wellness 925 2nd Ave East, Owen Sound

To Register:  Register ASAP as the maximum number is 10.

Contact me at  Let me know how you will send me the non refundable $25 deposit to hold your spot.  E-transfer is fine. Let me know what word you will use.  Remainder payable in cash at the door.

Cost:  If we have never met in a class I teach before it is $90.  But since I also would like to attract new people, bring a friend and the cost is $80 each.

If you have attended one of my Reiki classes, you can subtract $20. My gift to you for your support and continuing learning.

I am really excited about this class.  I will bring books you can browse through in case you want to buy any online.  Let me know if there is anything else you hope I will include in the day.

I will provide juice and snacks.  We will break for lunch.  You can bring your lunch or go to the many downtown spots close by.   I love going to Bleeding carrot which is very close. They serve vegetarian, vegan and gluten free.   But there are also others nearby.   

Warm wishes,



Classes and Workshops for 2018

Dear Reiki friends,

I am back from travelling. What an invigorating trip we had to Portugal, Spain and Morocco.  We chose to hike the many trails available there and the off-season meant we were not over crowded. And now I am  ready to move forward.  This picture was taken in a beautiful garden near old Seville in Spain.  I love this tree and its enormous roots.  I love nature. 

Below is a brief overview of the classes and workshops I will be offering in 2018.  I hope you will at least give them all a quick look, at most look into the details.  They all have a slightly different focus.  At the end I have also included links to the websites of some people I connect with regularly. I love what they do and enjoy sharing that with you. 


    • Reiki 1 and 11 Classes
    • Reiki Learning and Practice Day
    • Reiki Affirmations and Intentions for Fall and Winter
    • Reiki in Nature
    • Advanced Reiki Techniques and Usui/Holy Fire11 Reiki Master
    • Karuna/Holy Fire11 Reiki Master
    • Rhythmwood Soul Journey …  Wendy Roman
    • Nikaanaganaa Counselling and Learning Centre …   Trish Meekins MSW
    • The Health Squad … Dr Kara Dionisio ND

Reiki 1 and 11 Classes:

When:  Friday April 6 for the first level or degree and
Saturday April 7 for the 2nd level or degree.
I will be leading the class on Friday and Sheila Murphy will  lead the Saturday class.  Classes will run from 8:45 till 5:00
Ruth may assist with some teaching each day and mostly will host in her home at 690 4th Ave West, Owen Sound.
About the class:
I think you will find this to be an inspiring experience. The classes will be experiential with meditations as well as hands on experience. You will leave with the ability to offer Reiki to others, and perhaps more importantly at this point, you will have the opportunity to use Reiki for your own self care.
We would like to have 3 committed participants to be sure it will run. We already have 2. Our maximum number is 6.  
Please click here for costs and more details . I will be happy to answer any questions either by email or telephone 519-371-1255.

 Reiki Learning and Practice Day

 When:  Monday May 7

Where:  Her Wellness on 2nd Ave East, Owen Sound

Workshop description:

Yes this is more than an Reiki Share day. You should have at least Reiki 1 and preferably Reiki 11 as a prerequisite. 

Having taken more Reiki courses over the past two years, I would like to share some new techniques and concepts with you. I will be attending a Reiki course in Vermont for four days in April.  I know there will be more from that experience that will add to the course.  As well I will share some techniques using drumming and sound. You will learn through doing as I explain while we share  Reiki energy together.


If you have taken Reiki 2 or the Reiki Master course with me sometime after January 2016, I will offer you a $20 gift off the regular price.

Regular cost for the day is $90.  Besides the experience itself, receive an e-book I am writing.  You will have juice and muffins on arrival too.  You can bring your lunch or go to one of the local restaurants close by.  For example The Bleeding Carrot.

Invite another person to join you and the cost will be 2 for $160.  And the $20 gift still applies for whomever attended a previous Reiki class within two years. 

A Nonrefundable deposit of $25 will hold your spot.  Maximum number is 10.

Contact me re how to best send your deposit.

Reiki Affirmations and Intentions for Fall and Winter

 When: Monday near end of September.  Likely on a Monday

Where: in Owen Sound.  Location to be announced


Some of you will remember  the workshop I ran last spring related to Intentions and Reiki.  Thank you so much for offering me that learning experience. I am redesigning that workshop and incorporating more discussion time while exploring possibilities together.

Although I will be using Reiki, Reiki is not a prerequisite for the course.  But I ask that participants be open to the concepts of the subtle energies and perhaps have experienced an energy treatment. 

On registration, you will receive an e-booklet  you can download in advance.  More to be announced later.


If you took the intentions workshop I led in 2017 spring, I will offer you a $20 gift off the regular price.

Regular cost for the day is $90.  Besides the experience itself, you will receive an e-book in advance as mentioned above.  And we will have juice and muffins on arrival.

Invite a new person to join you and the cost will be 2 for $150.The $20 gift still applies if you previously attended. 

A nonrefundable deposit of $25 will hold your spot.  Maximum number is 15.

Reiki in Nature

I love walking in nature and experiencing the connection I feel.  Nature offers me wisdom and often explanations metaphorically.  And so I am prompted to create a new workshop teaching some techniques for using my Reiki in the woods.  This workshop is still in its preliminary stages. As soon as I have a better idea of time and location, I will write more.

Advanced Reiki Techniques (ART) & Usui/Holy Fire11 Reiki Master:

Once again if there is sufficient interest I will offer this level of Reiki sometime in November.  The location will be somewhere in or near Owen Sound.


will be $900.  I am happy to arrange a payment schedule with you at no additional cost, (for example $100 per month). I will require a nonrefundable $200 deposit for this class. 

If you have already taken a Reiki Master class from me, you are welcome to retake it for $350.  Along with the experience, a retake gives you an intense meditative experience with the various experiences that are part of this class.

Your experience will also include:

      • Reiki manual
      • A booklet I will have written
      • Some refreshments and fruit at Breaks
      • A 20% gift certificate for any Reiki related workshops I offer till Jan 1 2020
      • Opportunity retake any levels of Reiki classes I have taught you for your practice, renewal and retreat purposes for half price.
      • $20 reduction on any Reiki session (currently $70 per session) or $50 reduction if you choose the package of 4 sessions for $230. for one year following the class.
      • Mentoring help related to teaching and setting up a Reiki practice over the next year if you wish to do so.
      • Possibly other learning opportunities.

Please contact me if you are interested in pursuing the Reiki Master level.  While this level can help you set up Reiki classes, it is also an opportunity to spend more time in Reiki meditations and to learn ways to become more self aware and practice self care.  Let’s talk.

Karuna/Holy Fire11  Reiki Master

Karuna Reiki is a Reiki level more advanced that the Reiki Master course.  In Karuna Reiki you learn 8 new symbols with specific healing connections that my clients have found to be very helpful in letting go of past traumas and moving forward.  

This will be my first Karuna Reiki CLass although I have used the Karuna symbols with several clients and for myself.

This level is also a three day course.  I would like to have four participants to run it.  The cost is also $900 but if you have taken the Usui Holy Fire11 Reiki class with me, You will have a gift of $75 toward the tuition fee.  I will require a nonrefundable $200 deposit for this class. 

The time and location will depend on when I have four participants.  It will likely be held on a Saturday, Sunday and Monday.   Please contact me if this is of interest to you and I will keep you informed.

There will be similar benefits as for the Usui/HolyFire11 Reiki Master class

Rhythmwood Soul Journey … Wendy Roman

I have known Wendy Roman for over ten years.  We have worked together in a variety of different ways over that time and I continue to have a growing admiration and respect for her.  She is a beautiful person, inside and out.  I love attending her Nia classes and we continue to support each other.  This year she is again offering her intensive soul journey experience.  It is more than a week-long intensive as she also has online process before and after.   Those who have taken it speak most highly of the personal gain from the experience.  If you let Wendy know of your interest in this program by Feb 28th, you could save yourself $200.

** I believe this link will take you to her Mailchimp message but if not please go to her website at

Nikaanaganaa Counselling and Learning Centre

Trish Meekins MSW

I met Trish Meekins a few years ago and have already learned from her style and capabilities. I plan to takemore of her workshops later this year.  I have copied the following off Trish Meekin’s website and hope you will explore her site to see the many things she offers.

“Trish Meekins is the sole owner of Nikaanaganaa Counselling & Learning Centre located at 897 3rd Ave. E. in Owen Sound.  Trish provides individual and family counselling for ALL people and cultures. Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity Training and various other trainings to suit the needs of your organization; for example lateral violence and workplace ethics.   She has been a counselor and teacher of First Nations culture and history for over 20 years. Her passion is her Indigenous roots and finds rewarding work in assisting all people become educated about themselves and how they fit as a part of community extending out to all of Creation. Trish offers training for agencies and organizations in cross-cultural training, lateral violence, workplace ethics, to name a few.”

Please note that Trish is starting her class on Indigegogy again tomorrow Feb 27th at 2:00pm till 4:00pm.  It is a four part series.

There is more.  Check her web site.  and also the workshops she offers 

The Health Squad … Dr Kara Dionisio ND

Dr Kara Dionisio ND has been my Naturopathic doctor for several years.  I have watched her expand how she offers her services and am delighted with how she has brought together a team of regulated health professionals to offer somewhat of an integrated health practice.  On her web site she writes: 

“We are a team of regulated health professionals with the clinical skills, knowledge and wisdom to support, educate and empower you to pursue health.  Welcome to healthcare that is actually about health. 


I hope you find this list of learning and growing opportunities helpful and inspiring.  Perhaps you will save it in some way on your computer or tablet, or print it off for yourself to keep in mind.  Please contact me with any questions you might have: or phone me at 519 371 1255.

I will be at the Health Fair on Saturday March 17th at the Bayshore Community Centre in Owen Sound.  Please drop by our Living Reiki table and meet us. 

Spring is on its way.  Meanwhile enjoy this transition time of ups and downs.

In love and light


2018 New Year: What do you hope for in 2018?

As the new year begins, I give serious thought to what I wish for in 2018.  This past year has had its rough times in many parts of the world, our communities, and our families.  So what do we hope for now.

Your Intentions:

Of course it is tempting to make all your intentions relate to achievements in terms of employment, or financial gain, or position, or career progress.  I do some of that too.  It is natural. We are humans.  I word those kinds of intentions in the present tense.  For example:

  • I have a Reiki practice that brings well being, peace of mind and wholeness to an average of 2 clients per week.
  • My teaching/workshop practice brings at least 5 of the right people to my classes and workshops.
  • I continue to learn and grow in personal and spiritual development.

It is important for me to feel these as if they are already happening.  I feel the excitement in my heart and it feels right.

Financial Stability:

For some, you may wish to write:

  • I can easily and honestly provide food, shelter and a loving environment for myself (and for my family)
  • I find my work is inspiring, healthy and sufficiently lucrative.

Or you can word your intentions in ways that best help you feel financially stable.


You may write:

  • I am in a healthy, loving and respectful romantic relationship.
  • I communicate authentically and lovingly with those I care about.

And there are other kinds of intentions we can make that relate more to a way of being.  This year, I have given more thought to the following:


  • I am growing in understanding of individual differences, refraining from analyzing and labeling.
  • I help others experience peace of mind

Where does peace begin?  Can we expect to have peace in the world if it is not existing in the smaller segments of life on earth?  So first I wish for peace in people’s lives.  I wish for people to grow in understanding of individual differences, accepting the idiosyncrasies of those around us, and eliminating the need to be right, and finding peace of mind.  Perhaps we can begin by forgetting our need to analyze and label and simply notice and love.


  • I am experiencing playfulness and joy in a healthy and loving way.

Let’s enhance our awareness of joy.  Being playful and having fun is healthy and healing.  Watch little children running around and enjoying what may be the simplest activities: making snow angels, sliding down hills, knocking over blocks.  Relax enough to be able to laugh hardily and heartfully.  What brings you joy?


  • I am making healthy choices in what I eat and drink, in my activity level, and what I say.
  • I am meditating daily.

I feel blessed to be retired.  Those who are still working seem to be racing around, always trying to catch up.  Quiet time, even when short, contributes to health.  When you are healthy, you are better able to be joyful and at peace.  Making healthy choices around eating and activity contributes significantly to good health.  Balancing life is important in maintaining wholeness and good health.


  • I have enough of what I need
  • I am donating some of my excesses to those who would like it.
  • I am helping those who would like to experience my classes and workshops so they can attend and not be overly burdened financially.

While some people ask for abundance, abundance is not necessary.  There is enough for everyone if we simply look for enough.  Enough food, enough water, enough clothes, enough travel, enough fun, enough of a house, enough toys.  We all have different perspectives on what is enough.  So be it.  Likely I have more than enough of some things but am willing to reduce other areas.  It helps to be self aware and notice what we do.  Perhaps we want to make some changes.  or not.

I wonder if we could make a difference in the world at large if we were to see the above as our intentions for 2018.

I wish you a wonderful year ahead and welcome any thoughts on the above message.

About Reiki Classes and Workshops

I am encouraging and supporting those whom I have taught at the Reiki Master Level, to teach the Reiki 1 and 2 level.  Spring courses are offered in early AprilSheila Murphy and Ruth Knapp will be teaching these classes

I will be teaching another Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master class in early November.  Let me know if this interests you.

Three of us are planning to register for the Reiki Master level in Vermont with the International House of Reiki.  Experiencing this course with Frans Stiene will expand and deepen our experience with Reiki.   Following this course mid April, I will be offering one or two new Reiki workshops.  I am excited about this opportunity and look forward to being able to share some of it with you.

I look forward to hearing from you of your interest in any of the above.  Knowing there is interest inspires me to keep moving forward with it.

Are you interested in scheduling a reiki session with me?  Learn more about Reiki and a Reiki session on my web site

With love and Reiki blessings,



Wishing You a Sacred, and Spiritually Uplifting Season

May your body be functioning well, grounded and active.

May your mind be at peace, still, and gracious.

May your heart be filled with love and spirit. 

May your whole being, body, mind and heart feel whole and blessed. 

As we feel the fullness of who we are, connected to the earth and to the divine, our whole self is filled with Reiki and the energy spreads to whomever welcomes it.

Please check the web site for April Reiki 1 and 11 Classes

Just Noticing

It’s still spring for another two weeks.  As Spring becomes Summer, nature changes.  We notice those changes.  Have you also noticed …

  • How many of us wonder how climate change will affect the seasons?
  • How social media has dramatically affected how we see and learn things?
  • How a President who thinks he has so much power actually doesn’t?
  • How people of all income levels recognize that they can have a lot of positive influence through social media?
  • How we can make personal decisions anyways?
  • How here are a lot of intelligent caring courageous people in our world?
  • How we can all make a difference in our world to help others?
  • How we can all make a difference for planet Earth?

Remember how I wrote that I would soon be stopping the blog posts and just using MailChimp to send out a Newsletter called Ripples to Waves to people who sign up?  Well this is the last blog post. I will send out about six or seven Newsletters a year.

If you haven’t already done so, I would love to have you sign up to receive my free Newsletters. The next one will go out end of June.  This link will take you to the signup form and more info.

Hope to see you through the next Newsletter

Till then, Marie

7 Benefits of Learning Reiki

Whether or not you have received a Reiki session, you probably have some preconceived ideas about why a person would want to learn Reiki.  Of course.  But I would like to take this opportunity to expand your awareness.  You may be surprised.

  1. Reiki is a wonderful means of providing self care.  This possibility goes beyond using the hand positions you would learn in a Reiki class.  You see Reiki really responds to your intention.  “Seek and ye shall find” is a perfect invitation.  Reiki energy is always there for everyone but it respects our free will.  Ask and allow it to flow.  A Reiki class speeds up the process for you so that you will more readily open to the flow and feel the effects. Imagine starting your day by centering and inviting the flow of Reiki energy, asking for guidance as you move through the day’s work, challenges and frustrations.
  2. You can use Reiki energy to calm the energy in your home.  Some days are tense.  Perhaps the kids seem out of sorts.  maybe you are having a conflict with your partner.  The area just feels like it is ripe for more.  Allowing Reiki energy to clear your chakras, and calm your field will be a good start.  You can then do the same with your home.  The Reiki energy will spread around and be “catchy” so to speak.
  3. The first two levels of Reiki can be used also with animals.   Do you have animals in your care?  Sheila Murphy, my Reiki Master colleague has been pursuing Animal Reiki.  Sheila will be offering a class (to those with Reiki 11) on how to use Reiki with animals.  In fact if I have two more students in the course, Sheila will be helping me teach it and can give you some starter tips.  It is different working with animals.
  4. Use Reiki to help prepare yourself for an upcoming challenge.  Perhaps you feel anxious about a difficult meeting, a challenging phone call you are expecting or have to make, or something of that nature.  Let yourself be Reiki.  Yes visualization is helpful but your visualization can be even more effective if you first allow Reiki to be flowing within you.
  5. Reiki helps you be ready for what the future may bring. It will help you be more resilient with the major changes occurring in the world today.  The more we practice being  with Reiki, the easier it is to invite its presence in times of confusion and crisis.  It isn’t an easy time we live in.
  6. You may wish to eventually start up a Reiki practice.  Yes some people study Reiki for the purpose of starting up a Reiki practice.  It will take some time to develop your skills enough to begin seeing clients but some people already have a practice where they see clients for similar kinds of concerns.  Talk to me about this possibility.
  7. Personally I would love to see a variety of health care practitioners using Reiki to strengthen  the care they offer.  An Occupational Therapist or Physio Therapist or Chiropractor could learn Reiki and use it to help bring a client to a better state of relaxation in order for their treatment to be more effective more quickly.  Or, I suppose they could work cooperatively with a Reiki practitioner to achieve the same end.  A Psychotherapist could also work collaboratively with a Reiki Practitioner to help the client be better able to gain new insights and perhaps release troubling issues.

I would be happy to explore these benefits with anyone who would like to work with Reiki in these ways.  Consider the Reiki  courses I am offering soon.  Reiki 1 on May 23 and Reiki 11 on May 30th.  The possibilities are endless.  Click here for more details about the classes.   Or email me with your questions at

Till next time,



Usui Holy Fire 11 Reiki Spring Classes

DSCF4208So glad you have an interest in Reiki. My interest began about twelve years ago and it has deepened continually since then. I love seeing how it helps people. And oh my how it has helped me too.

By the way, you can click on this link and sign up for my Ripples to Waves Newsletter published every two months.

I offer Reiki Sessions and I teach all levels of Usui/Holy Fire ll Reiki as well as Karuna Reiki. My practice is mostly in my home office just 1Km outside of Owen Sound in Georgian Bluffs (Sarawak).

I teach Reiki in different locations within or very close to Owen Sound.

About the Reiki Classes

I can’t help but bring my whole life experience to the classes I teach. Of course I follow the curriculum as taught through the International Centre for Reiki Training (ICRT at But I share with you who I am. And who I am consists of many life experiences and much more.


You do not have to repeat any level but some people like to do that for the healing experience, the reminders, and to experience Holy Fire 11 if that is new to you.

It doesn’t matter how long ago I taught you. Cost will be half price for Reiki 11 plus cost of latest book. (And $300 to retake the Master level I taught you, plus book.)

Level 1:

Spring 2017 Tuesday May 23, 8:30 till 5:00

Cost: $150 plus $25 for the manual written by William Lee Rand (but read on for special discounts)

Level 2:

Reiki level II will follow Reiki a week later on Tuesday May 30, 8:30 till 5:00

Cost: $200 (plus $25 for the manual if you do not have the manual).

Register for both Reiki l and ll together for just $320 + $25 for manual. And if you register with the non-refundable deposit of $100 before April 25th, your manual is free.

To Register or for more information:

Send me an email at Tell me what level of Reiki you are interested in. Give me your contact information so we can discuss. I would love to hear more about you and what is your experience of Reiki so far.

till next time.

Workshop: Ripples To Waves

This 3 hour workshop is a moving, experiential opportunity to enrich what you love most in your life through work with intentions, Reiki energy, and email support.

When: Tuesday, March 21st 1 to 4pm

Where: at the clinic of Dr Kara Dionisio ND on 1st Ave W across and down a bit from Shoppers.

How will it unfold:

Before the workshop:

The process will begin by email the week before when I will help you make your own individual intentions. I will send you one reading material to help learn more out intentions. This means the Intentions part will be private and customized to your specific wishes.

I have worked a lot with intentions over the past ten years or more in retreats, workshops, individual sessions and writing. I look forward to helping you bring Reiki energy to your personal or professional intentions. To me this is how we turn ripples into waves. It can be transforming.

During the workshop:

Actually much of the workshop itself is individual meditation experiences and other Reiki healing. Reiki healing can be a moving experience. Some discussion will happen if it seems in order. In the workshop itself you will use your intentions in the second half but no need to share it unless you want to for some reason. The work you do at this stage can be very powerful.
I will know in advance the level of Reiki you have studied and /or your experience with it and will customize accordingly.

After the workshop:

I will continue contact with you by email to help you stay on track for three weeks. You will not have to respond. The emails will serve as reminders.

I am making this first workshop a beta test. I want to see if my timing is on, if I have to make more adjustments, and will ask for feedback. I expect to have ten participants but no more.


$40 for the beta test workshop (but will be around $85 for the next more refined one).
But if you find another person to register with you, then cost is $60 between you. That means just $30 each.

What if you haven’t taken any Reiki classes:

It is best if you have had at least some Reiki experience. But if not experience then Therapeutic Touch or Healing Touch experience will work.

And just in case you still weren’t sure:

To encourage registration I am giving a $25 non transferable credit for any Reiki session or Reiki class (1, 2, or Master level) with me to use sometime before May 2018. Also I will be giving out a gift on the day of the workshop but I am not exactly sure what that is yet.

Registering means

sending me an email at and either mailing me a cheque at 294 Park St, RR7, Owen Sound N4K 6V5 ($20 of which is non refundable but if you have to cancel, the rest will be a credit we can discuss if needed) or use email banking asap after Feb 24th.

By the way, ten participants is the absolute limit.😍 So register now.  Only 6 spots left.

Have you subscribed to my free Newsletter yet.  Just 6 times a year.  Click here.



Enriching What You Do

Reminder:  Soon I will be using this blog minimally as a means of sharing reflections, news, classes etc.  Instead  I will send out a Newsletter 6 times a year via MailChimp.  If you haven’t already done so, please use this link to subscribe.  It is free.

Article: Enriching  What You Love To Do

Do you find some days seem to nudge you just a little further, a little deeper, a little more meaningfully?  Today, I once again picked up a book I brought with me on this trip to Ecuador.  It’s called The Book On Karuna Reiki: Advanced Healing Energy for Our Evolving World.  I first met the author, Laurelle Shanti Gaia, when I took the Karuna Reiki course that Laurel and her husband Michael taught in Sedona in 2014. As I read her words I see her image and hear her voice. She continues to be one of my teachers through her writing and CDs. Laurelle shares her gifts with warmth and total inclusiveness.

There is more to share about Laurelle. Within a year after the class I took, something totally unexpected append to Laurelle. She had a “stroke”.  Actually a bleed as an aneurysm burst. She was unconscious for three weeks. Friends, colleagues and family sent Reiki and prayers.  Her healing journey was one only Laurelle can tell and I hope she will someday share it in more depth.  However I invite you to read her words about her newer perspective about the meaning of healing. Insightful and thought provoking.  Here is the link to what she wrote.

Laurelle’s husband, Michael Baird, taught the Reiki Drumming course I took in Sedona in October 2016. He began the class with his story about how he learned to bring Reiki to Drumming. It was Laurelle who guided him to bring the two together for a stronger, more profound healing effect. Besides the healing experience of the two-day class, it also opened me to something new for me.  Inside of me a voice kept telling me to help people bring Reiki to what they already love doing–just as Michael did with Drumming.

It was a small nudge at first and I could see the value of it.  Little by little I have grown to accept the nudge and be open to how it could be possible.

I suppose you could say that this is the birthing of both the Newsletter I will send out six times a year, as well as the workshop for which I am almost ready to launch the beta test.

On that note, keep March 21 1 to 4 open to  possibly attend.  The information will be released soon.  Only ten spots.  Details will go out in the first Newsletter.  So if you haven’t subscribed yet, here is another opportunity.  Click on this link.

If you want more information about Reiki, please browse through my site.

Till next time,