Shinpiden (Reiki Master) Class Information

I had the inspiring opportunity to attend a Shinpiden (Reiki 111) class with Frans Stiene in Vermont in April.  The three days led me to view Reiki energy in a deeper way.  Following that class I have been examining ways in which I will adapt what I teach.  To be honest I may switch to teaching Reiki in a new way.  This requires time, meditation and consideration of my past valuable learning.

Given this learning opportunity, the 2018 Class I had scheduled for a Saturday, Sunday, Monday, in early November  will be postponed until at least spring 2019. 

Taking the Reiki Master course inspires a person to commit more strongly to living Reiki.  I like to think that ultimately we aim to be Reiki rather than simply doing Reiki. Being Reiki leads us on a path of self healing.   A person sees Reiki as a spiritual journey that is either one’s whole spiritual life or fits genuinely into one’s religious practice.  The inclusivity of Reiki gives me a significant means to help bring the world together in light.   

Teaching is not necessarily the goal for taking the third level of the Reiki program.  In fact, in my experience most of the people studying reiki at the Master level are not teaching it.   Many people who learn Reiki do not have or intend to have a Reiki Practice.  They do intend to use reiki for their own holistic spiritual self care.   It is my personal experience that it is very helpful in that regard.

If you wish to deepen your Reiki experience, may I suggest:

  • Live daily by the Reiki Precepts or ideal
  • Meditate daily
  • Use Reiki for your own personal healing

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