Reiki Classes 2018-19

Are you interested in learning Reiki for yourself?  Please feel free to call me 519-371-1255 or email me for more specific information.

I teach all levels of Usui/Holy Fire11 Reiki when I have a request and there are at least three people ready to take the class.  I do not necessarily schedule in advance so please let me know of your interest.

Reiki 1 is a full day although I could teach it in two or three evenings if that works better for people. This class is for you  if you have not taken a Reiki class before but perhaps you have experienced Reiki from a practitioner at least once and would like to learn how to use it yourself.  Reiki can be very helpful in many ways and in this class, besides learning how to practice it, you will also learn about many ways it is possible to use it.  Continual practice is important in developing your sensitivity.

Cost $175 plus $25 for the manual written by William Lee Rand (but read on for special discounts) The cost is based on the usual cost that others charge.  There is a $50 non refundable deposit to register.

Reiki 11 is also a full day.  You must have taken the first level from someone in person in order to take the second level.

It is best to have had a few weeks or even months of practice with Reiki 1 and especially practice with the meditations, before taking Reiki 11.  Reiki 11 teaches you ways to strengthen the flow of Reiki energy.  In Reiki 11 you will also learn Distance Healing and some particular Reiki techniques and meditations to focus the energy in different ways.

Taking Reiki classes a second time is not necessary even if it has been years since previous classes occurred.  However, I have found that taking repeats with different teachers is beneficial.

If you already have the manual from Level 1, then you do not need to purchase it again as long as it was written after Holy Fire energy was introduced.  There is likewise a $50 non refundable deposit to register.

Cost $175 (plus $25 if you do not have the manual).

Register for both Reiki l and ll together for just $320 + $25 for manual.

Following the second level you may attend any of the reiki workshops I offer unless it is specifically directed to Reiki Masters.  There is always a special price for people who have taken Reiki classes through me.

The Reiki  Master Course is a three day course  that requires a further commitment to using Reiki regularly for yourself and your own self growth.  You may or may not choose to practice it on others .  Likewise teaching is an option you may or may not choose to follow.  In order to take this course, you must have the first and second levels taken from someone in person (in other words not online).  I also ask that you follow a daily self Reiki practice for two to three months in advance.

Cost for the Reiki Master Course is $850 CAD.  This fee includes the manual.  I am willing to negotiate terms of payment that can be paid monthly such as $100 per month after an initial non refundable $200 deposit.

My teaching style:

The class is not meant to be either intimidating or stressful.  We will set up a comfortable learning environment.  Practice sessions will be done with coaching so you can relax into the process.  We will all support each other.   Yes it will be serious, but serious with a smile.

How to dress and what to bring:

Be comfortable.  Dress in layers.  You could feel cold because we will not be moving around a lot.  So if you want to bring a blanket, do so.  I would also suggest you bring your water.  Bring your manual and the notes I send you in advance by email.  A pen will also be useful.

After the Class:

I am happy to provide any support by phone or email following the class.  When feasible, we can get together to share Reiki and also discuss concepts as requested. Those of you who decide to have a Reiki practice will also have time to ask questions re your practice.


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