Reiki Classes Spring 2019

Are you interested in learning Reiki for yourself?  Please feel free to call me 519-371-1255 or email me for more specific information.

Scroll down as below you will see information related to:

Reiki Level 1 (Shoden)
Reiki Level 11 (Okuden)
Reiki Master (Shinpiden)
Reiki Learning and Meditation Day (see new pricing)

I aim for at least four people registered for the class. Please let me know of your interest.

Reiki 1 (Shoden) is a 12 hour course.

Sheila Murphy may be sharing the teaching of this course.   We will teach it in three  four-hour segments.from 9 am till 1 pm on June 7, 14 and 21.

This class requires 4 people registered by May 15th in order to keep these dates. Please let me know of your interest.

This class is for you  if you have not taken a Reiki class before but perhaps you have experienced Reiki from a practitioner and would like to learn how to use it yourself.  Reiki can be very helpful in many ways and in this class, besides learning how to practice it, you will also learn about many ways it is possible to use it for yourself in  your own self-healing and spiritual growth.  Continual practice is important in developing your sensitivity.

Full Cost is $200.   It includes reading materials and a journal as well as email coaching for three weeks after if needed.

The class is offered from 9am till 1:00.   It will be in  Owen Sound at Her Wellness on Second Ave east downtown. It is a scent free and animal free setting to allow for those with allergies (including myself).

I have been inspired by what I have been learning through the International House of Reiki and Frans Stiene.  They have approved the courses I offer.  Those who complete the three sessions will receive a certificate acknowledging their completion.  The class will focus on developing spiritual and mental focus by working with the precepts, as well as learning a daily routine for meditation and self-care, hands on healing you can use for family and friends, and you will receive Reiki blessings through attunements and reijus.

You will have some suggested reading before the course starts as well as meditation and practice homework between segments.  Following completion of the course, I will offer you a special discount on receiving sessions from me if you so wish over the next few months.

Reiki 11 (Okuden) is an eight-hour course.

You must have taken the first level from someone in-person in order to take the second level. If you have not taken the first level as traditional Reiki, I will send you some suggested reading and meditation practice to prepare. I will send this as an email and you will need at least one full week working with the meditations before the first class. Registering at least two weeks prior to the course is preferable to give you time to do the reading and meditations.

The Okuden course will be offered the mornings of Friday May 10 and 17 from 9 am till 1pm. 

It will be in  Owen Sound at Her Wellness on Second Ave East downtown. It is a scent free, animal free and accessible setting to allow for those with allergies and mobility issues.

It is best to have had at least three months of practicing Reiki 1 meditations, and some hands-on healing with family and/or friends before taking Reiki 11.  Reiki 11 teaches you ways to strengthen the flow of Reiki energy using three symbols and mantras.  In Reiki 11 you will also learn Distant Healing and some particular Reiki techniques and meditations to focus the energy in different ways.

Taking Reiki classes a second time is not necessary even if it has been years since previous classes occurred.  However, I have found personally that taking repeats with different teachers is beneficial. If you are considering this, I would be happy to discuss it with you over email.

Cost is $200.  (Those who have completed Shoden with me or Sheila Murphy receive a special rate).  There already four people registered for this class so it will run for sure.Please contact me if you need more information.

Second Annual Reiki Learning and Meditation Day.

This full day workshop runs from 9:30 to 3:00 on Friday May 24.  We will break for lunch and there are several restaurants close by. Bleeding Carrot serves excellent vegan or vegetarian lunches and you can request gluten free.

In April, I will attend a four-day retreat in Cincinatti led by Frans Steine.  I know we will once again have learned more Reiki techniques and meditations which I will be able to share with you. I was hesitant to call my workshop a retreat day. Perhaps next time I will offer something longer that resembles a retreat a little more but there will definitely be a retreat aspect to this day. As well we will have the opportunity to review some of the meditations you may have already learned.

Requirements: I would prefer to have everyone having taken the second level of Reiki but that is not necessary.  I expect there will be several Reiki Masters people in attendance.  Contact me if you are interested.

I decided to lower the price to $80 and give more people the opportunity to attend. (Full cost was originally $100.00)   I am aiming to encourage people to continue to experience Reiki for themselves and to spread the word to others.  And ….

If you have attended any of my classes (Reiki 1, 2 or Master) deduct $10 more.
If your bring another person deduct $5 each.
If you attended last year, deduct $5.
I enjoy giving “specials”. This will be an inspiring day and I would love to have you share it with me.

I must have four people registered by May 1st to keep this date. I look forward to hearing about your interests and any questions.

My teaching style for Reiki Classes:

The classes I offer are not meant to be either intimidating or stressful.  We will set up a comfortable learning environment.  Practice sessions will be done with coaching so you can relax into the process.  We will all support each other.   Yes it will be serious, but serious with a smile.

How to dress and what to bring:

Be comfortable.  Dress in layers.  You could feel cold because we will not be moving around a lot.  So if you want to bring a blanket, do so.  I would also suggest you bring your water.  Bring your manual and the notes I send you in advance by email.  A pen will also be useful.

After the Class:

I am happy to provide any support by phone or email following the class.  When feasible, we can get together to share Reiki and also discuss concepts as requested. Those of you who decide to have a Reiki practice will also have time to ask questions re your practice.

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