Schedules and Costs

Office hours:  

Because I have a small practice I can usually be quite flexible.  I prefer day time during the week.  I have other personal commitments related to volunteering, exercise, and family.  Accommodations may be made for work schedules Please call at 519 371 1255.

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Reiki sessions: $70

Generally I find that the Reiki sessions are most useful when there are a number scheduled fairly close together.  For example four sessions one to two weeks apart at first.  I find this keeps you focused on the calmness and centered approach, enabling you to establish or re-establish healthy living habits and wise decisions making.  Often it is possible to move to once a month for one or two sessions and a “top up” every so often.  It helps if you are self-aware and recognize when a few more sessions will get you back on track at a later date.

An opportunity:  If you choose to pay for four sessions up front, the fee would be $230 (a savings of $50) if they are used within a four-month time frame.  These are not transferable.  

I also see people in a mentoring or coaching role where I also use Reiki to help the person open to new perspectives.  Two specific areas in which I mentor people are

  1. Leadership development, and
  2. Making Life More Meaningful in different life stages.

Sometimes after having had several Reiki sessions related to a specific issue, a clients would like monthly Reiki.  If you pay for 6 monthly sessions up front, the price is $360.

Reiki classes:

Several people like to learn Reiki as part of their self care.  I find it is likely most beneficial for you if you to take the first 2 levels close together as it helps you solidify your connection to Reiki and its regular use.  Some people also use Reiki as part of their practice with clients.  I offer classes in all levels of Reiki. I redid the Advanced Reiki Training and the Masters Level 3 course, with William Lee Rand (founder of the International Reiki Association) in Michigan. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from William. I would say that he is the most knowledgeable person re Reiki in at least all of North America.  I am mentoring some Reiki Masters I have taught and they will be teaching the first two levels too.

In October 2014, I took a more advanced course in Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher with Laurelle Gaia and Michael Baird in Sedona and loved every minute of it.  I feel very inspired to continue working with Reiki both with individual clients and teaching people who are interested in self-care and possibly practicing Reiki with others.  I love what Reiki offers us in terms of  love, and compassion for self and others.

Reiki Master:

Taking the Reiki Master course inspires a person to commit more strongly to living Reiki.  I like to think that ultimately we aim to being Reiki rather than simply doing Reiki.  Being Reiki leads us on a path of self healing.   A person sees Reiki as a spiritual journey that is either one’s whole spiritual life or fits genuinely into one’s religious practice.  The inclusivity of Reiki gives me a sense of a significant means to bring the world together.   

While the program curriculum includes information about teaching Reiki, teaching is not necessarily the goal for taking the program.  In fact, in my experience most of the people studying reiki at the Master level are not teaching it.   They call themselves a Reiki Master Practitioner.  It is also important to note that many people who learn Reiki do not have or intend to have a Reiki Practice.  They do intend to use Reiki for their own holistic self care.   It is my personal experience that it is very helpful in that regard.

Cost of the Reiki Master program:

While the cost of the program in larger centres is more expensive, I offer it  locally at a cost that I believe is fair.   I also offer ways that students can spread out the cost over several months.

Total cost is $850.  This includes the manual.  In order to plan for the event with some commitment I ask for a non refundable deposit of $200 due about two months in advance.

I am happy to negotiate a payment plan for the remaining $650 so that you can pay me $50, or $100 or $150 on a monthly basis so that it is paid up in a mutually agreed upon time.   Please contact me if you have any questions about this or other aspect of the program.


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