Schedules and Costs

Office hours:  

Because I have a small practice I can usually be quite flexible.  I prefer day time during the week.  I have other personal commitments related to volunteering, exercise, and family.  Accommodations may be made for work schedules Please call at 519 371 1255 or email me at

Reiki sessions: $75 for the first session then $50 (for up to one hour) to $70 (for one hour and 15 minutes or so)  for subsequent sessions depending on need and affordability.

Generally I find that the Reiki sessions are most useful when there are at least three scheduled fairly close together, for example one to two weeks apart at first.  I find this keeps you focused on the calmness and centered approach, enabling you to establish or re-establish healthy living habits and wise decision making.  Often it is possible to move to once a month for one or two sessions and a “top up” every so often.  It helps if you are self-aware and recognize when a few more sessions will get you back on track at a later date.

I also see people in a mentoring or coaching role where I also use Reiki to help the person open to new perspectives.  These sessions would be longer and cost would be $70 per session. Two specific areas in which I mentor people are

  1. Leadership development, and
  2. Making Life More Meaningful in different life stages.

To learn more about Reiki and what a reiki session is like please go to the home page 

Reiki classes:

Several people like to learn Reiki as part of their self care.    Some people also use Reiki to help others too.  I offer classes in all levels of Reiki. I redid the Advanced Reiki Training and the Masters Level 3 course, with William Lee Rand (founder of the International Reiki Association) in Michigan. 

I have recently moved into a more traditional system of reiki with a new teacher, Frans Stiene.  My courses have changed.

If learning Reiki interests you, please click here

Thank you for your interest in what I offer.

If you are ready to register for a Reiki session or class, please email me at  or phone me at 519 371 1255.
If you would like more information about any of the things I offer, please browse through the site and email me with questions.

Your inquiries are not a commitment to book. 

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