I am happy to meet you. Glad you are interested in Reiki. Thank you for coming for a visit.

Welcome to the Living Reiki web site.  And what great timing for you to be visiting this site. As you learn more about Reiki and begin to experience that energy, I think you will become more and more pleased with how Reiki is helping you connect with your true self.  The precepts are all  very useful means of becoming YOU.   

Frans Stiene has been my teacher for over a year now and will be teaching a three day Shinpiden (Reiki 3) course for anyone who has taken Usui Reiki Level 2 in any lineage in person. This will be followed by a Reiki Play Day for anyone who has taken any level of Usui Reiki in person.

To learn about Frans Stiene’s visit to Owen Sound in May 2020, click here.

You will find a variety of resources on this site that can be integrated into the your Reiki self care.

On an irregular basis I write articles on the blog portion of this site. The blog articles may be directly related to Reiki or may be general reflective articles that you may find inspiring in some other way.

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Reiki is a deep loving connection between people.

Are you new to Reiki and would like to have more information? Or perhaps you know Reiki and would like to delve into it a little deeper. On the page devoted to telling you about Reiki, I have explained my perspective for you. You may wish to check out  About Reiki.

It is important to know a bit about the Reiki practitioner you may be working with .  I have written a short bio if you wish to read it. Go to About Marie (that’s me).

If you are interested in connecting with me for a Reiki treatment, I would love to share Reiki with you.  I suggest you start with one session and just see if you feel comfortable and if there is a good fit between us. You can book a Reiki session with me or learn Reiki for yourself.  Click on the link.   Schedules and Costs for Reiki sessions with me

Several people have expressed an interest in taking Reiki classes with me.  Have a look at the information  If it seems to be something you would like to pursue, or continue pursuing with me, please click on Reiki Classes.

I look forward to hearing from you .  And before you go, may I share The Reiki Precepts with you.  I find them very helpful as a daily way of life and something to meditate on.  Notice how the Reiki Principles are in fact Universal Principles for self care and self healing.

I like to sit quietly and say these every day at least once.  The Precepts have a great deal of self healing and self care potential.  Take time to reflect on each one.  You may wish to meditate on them one at a time.  The Precepts are very helpful in guiding us to our True self

Till next time, Marie