The world has gone topsy turvy. Have you noticed? I have actually enjoyed the quiet times of Covid isolation. I miss family and friends though.

But the situation has given me many opportunities to reflect on who I am and how I want to live life. I am surprised at what I have learned.

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Looking forward to more time in nature

I am actually now ready to totally retire. I had thought I would continue with some aspects of my former life. But Covid has made a rather grand entrance. Several factors coming together created at first some congestion along the fault line. And so I have seriously pondered the question “why am I doing this?”

I will be discontinuing this web site. I will leave the home page up for a few more weeks. You can contact me at marieknapp206@gmail.com

I am not going to continue with the Reiki Newsletter.
I will no longer be offering Reiki sessions or teaching classes or leading Reiki Shares.
I will be closing down my Facebook group as well as my Living Reiki Facebook page.

What will I do? Well I am enjoying my creative side, sketching and possibly adding some watercolour. I enjoy singing with Coco Love Alcorn, dancing Nia with Wendy Roman, and walking in nature while experiencing it in new ways. I will connect more with family and friends. I still volunteer with Bruce Trail, Friends of Hibou and Harmony Centre. So I will continue to be busy but in new ways.

Thank you for all your support.
Still around still caring and still friends,