Loving Today

img_0652It may only take a moment to shift your inner being from a place of tension and fear to one of calmness and love. In this state, you function much more effectively and with far less effort.  For best results do it first thing as you awaken.  Later in the day, simply take yourself to a private place away from the energy that has clouded your day.

Breathe deeply, bringing in the love energy that surrounds you even when you are not aware of its presence. Love energy is divine energy connected with the Source or Highest Power.  Let Reiki guide you.   Feel it circulate through your entire being.   Be with it. Experience the love that surrounds you and is within you. Share it with the world around you quietly and with intention.  You have made a difference.

The shift takes longer to read about than it does to actually allow to happen.  Yes it is about allowing.  There are many ways to guide this process for you.  Learning Reiki has been most helpful for me.  Have a loving day today.


What does daily Reiki look like?

meDid you know that you can create your own way to use Reiki daily? It is entirely up to you to decide how much time you can give it and what it actually looks like for you. Remember that you can activate Reiki simply by thinking it or saying it to yourself.

Some days you may have a fairly complicated practice that you find very helpful but there are also many days when you have a busy schedule and just can’t fit it in.  Then adjust it. Just ask Reiki energy to guide you through the day.  Or perhaps you would prefer to call it by a different name which means the same for you.  God, Universal Energy, Creator.  Make it work for you.  Add or subtract pieces of your Reiki self care practice so you are able to do something every day.  Make it longer or shorter in whatever way it best suits you. What is most important is that you connect with the Highest Power regularly.  It will make a big difference in your day.

Till next time,



Today’s Reiki Intentions

Today, I am protected from the influence of negative energies I may encounter.

I am surrounded by white light, filled with a love that is pure, unconditional, non-judgmental and compassionate.

The love energy that surrounds me moves easily within me and is shared freely with those I encounter, simply healing and spreading love without expectations of results or anything in return.

So it is and I am grateful.

Till next time,     Marie Knapp

Intentions and Self Care

I would like to share with you some intentions you may wish to make for the day today or any day.

Today is a day filled with possibilities for being the best it can be. For the most part, the biggest thing that keeps that from happening is the mind set you bring to it. I will suggest that you might wish to sit quietly and feel centered. Bring your attention to your breath. Breathe deeply 3 times feeling your abdomen and chest rise and fall. Now, in a place of quiet, simply notice your breath. Allow your breathing to be natural. Don’t change it but notice it. Notice how it feels in different parts of youir body: your nostrils, your chest, your shoulders, your abdomen, your cells. Allow yourself to feel the connection with your place of inner wisdom. In this place of calm and allowing, say your intention(s) for today. Just for today.  I have learned to use “Just for Today” from my Reiki practice and it always feels much more manageable for me.

Just for today, I ask you to say these intentions out loud and feel them in your body as you say them.

Just for today:

  • I am comfortable with who I am.
  • I am confident and capable.
  • I am loving and compassionate with those around me.
  • I am working with a calm efficiency and effectiveness.
  • I am appreciative of the differences in those around me.
  • I am open to learning.
  • I am noticing my thoughts and keeping them constructive.


Just be in this place for a moment.

When you are ready, please return your awareness to the room, feeling your body in contact with the chair and the floor, noticing the light and sounds.

I wish you a day filled with many blessings.

Till next time,


Courage: noticing, acknowledging, and feeling it’s strength

Following a teleseminar by Lance Secretan, I used discussion of courage in a retreat exercise.  People formed small groups of three and shared a challenging experience from the past.  Only this time they were to share it noticing and acknowledging the courage they had in moving through the experience.

Following the exercise we discussed what happened.  Most expressed a feeling of empowerment.  Their perspective on the challenge changed because they saw it through the eyes of their courageous self.   How inspiring it was for me too.

Now as I look back on a few recent challenging events, I am tempted to allow a self perception that is less than empowering.  I can honestly feel a shift in my energy as soon as I choose to change my perception to one of courage.  I feel stronger within.  My confidence rises and I feel more grounded and capable.

Try this for yourself.  Can you feel a shift too? I would be interested in how that change feels to you.

Till next time,



Just letting you know there are only three spots left in the April retreat. Check out more details on my web site and email me if you would like to join us.

REIKI 1 Class

I still have 3 spots available for Reiki 1 in March. Check my web site for details and to learn more about Reiki. I would be happy to answer any questions by email.

Please feel free to share or to send this to others.

The Brow Chakra

If I were to have a favourite chakra, this would be it.  And yet I know that none of them work in isolation and this chakra could not be as active without the others also functioning.  Sometimes called the third eye, this chakra, when activated gives us the ability to use both right and left brain.  As a result, our perspective creates a vision of our world that intertwines both the logical and the intuitive.  When I talk about the power of the mind or the power of thought, it is through this chakra.  This is definitely an area I personally find both inspiring and fulfilling.

When we fully activate this chakra, we are able to examine and change our limiting beliefs.  Here we can access our wisdom.  Here we can strengthen our spirit.  Here we learn to aim for our highest good as well as the highest good for all.

While this chakra is connected with the mind, do not confuse it will being an intellectual or analytical thinker who trusts only what is conventional making them narrow thinkers, even though they may not see this in themselves.

You may ask “how do I use this part of me more often?  I aspire to wisdom and balance.”

It requires growing in self awareness while at the same time accepting others, seeing the good in each person.  Seek out people who think as you do and allow yourself to express your own uniqueness in ways that serve you best.

Personally I love spending time with friends who share this perspective.  I feel I am at my best when I have spent some time each day reading some inspirational material, or meditating or doing self Reiki.  I wish I could say I do this daily.  I get sidetracked.  My humanness kicks in and I forget.  But I notice the difference and when I return to this practice, my day flows much better.

From my learning and experience, I sense that we cannot function from this chakra alone.  It is by working with all the chakras that we are at our best.

Are you interested in a retreat?

I have been giving serious thought to offering another retreat.  If this interests you at all, let me know.  Would November be a good month?  Would you prefer an overnight or just two full days?  I am looking forward to hearing your response.

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The Upper Four Chakras

Sometimes we tend to work with the chakras as though the upper ones are more important than the lower ones.  Last week I gave an overview of the three lower chakras.   We do ourselves a disfavour when we pay more attention to one area that the other. But we have a tendency to do just that. Just noticing what we are inclined to do is the first step to paying attention to all seven.

The heart is the middle or the fourth chakra. It plays a vital role in connecting the upper and lower chakras because it holds emotions. Living only in the upper chakras distances us for the real life we are meant to live and the heart helps us take our learning, both cognitive and spiritual from the upper chakras to the doing part of our lives in the lower ones. We can think about things constantly and nothing happens because it is just all in our heads. Likewise we can be spiritual, meditating and prayerful, without connecting it to the life we are intended to live through our lower chakras.

The 5th chakra is the throat chakra and it is very much a place for self-expression. Speaking our truth is important. We express ourselves through our voice, our smile and frown and through our hands in music, art, writing and more.  Of course this chakra cannot function independently. Who we are is lived through all the chakras so the throat chakra gives us the opportunity to share that outwardly. The second chakra is connected to our creativity. These two areas of our lives, related to the second and the fifth chakras, connect in our creative expression.

The sixth chakra is the Brow Chakra or the Third Eye. It is related to our thinking and visioning. We spend a lot of time here in our culture. On its own, it would be simply continual thinking and visioning and little action. It is when we bring our vision to the heart level, linking it to our emotions, that we are capable of taking it to the action level.

The seventh chakra is our crown chakra which is our connection to the divine and to our higher self … to our wisdom. One of the resources I use when talking about the chakras is “The Book of Chakras” by Ambika Wauters. Some of you will be familiar with this book because I have used it as a resource for some retreats and workshops you may have attended. Wauters writes,

“The Crown Chakra is the most elevated chakra in the system. It provides the means to deepen our indelible connection with the source of our being. Whether we wish to make this connection conscious is up to us. The link is there; we must only acknowledge it to experience it. There is nothing to be done to make this connection other than recognize it.”

Metaphorically, the different chakras represent different parts of ourselves which, when integrated represent a holistic model of who we are. Because there seems to be different life stages in which these chakras mature, it could be viewed as a developmental model or even another hierarchy of needs much like that described by Maslow.

Energetically, it seems that the wholeness of who you are functions at its best when the energy is flowing in a balanced way and the chakras are all working equally well. They all need our attention. When the body is in that balanced state, it is at its best for healing.
I would love to hear comments or questions from you.

The next two or three blogs will focus specifically on the Root Chakra but also include applications, what happens when it is not functioning well or is blocked and connections with other chakras.  Please feel free to invite others to sign up to receive the blogs in their email.

Reminder:   I still have room for 3 more participants in the Reiki 1 class that starts Sept 12th at 6:30 for 2 Thursday evenings.

I will also be offering the second level when that one is completed.  If you are interested in Level 2, please check my web site and contact me.

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Staying On Track … Workshop Changes June 21st

Staying On Track

When: Friday June 21st 9:00 till 12:30 (with a half-hour break midway)

Where: Great Books and Cafe at the Williamsford Mill                                             (23 Km south of Owen Sound)

Cost: $25 if you pay before June 16th … after that it becomes $35

What is the workshop about?

In this workshop, we will discuss strategies for moving forward with some of your goals or your direction.  You will identify and work with some of your obstacles and distractors that may be keeping you from reaching what you want.

I am offering this half-day workshop using as part of its framework an article written by Dr Janet Lapp. Jan leads us to have inner dialogues to determine our fear, to identify the “shiny objects” that distract us and to refocus and get back on track. You may be interested in Dr Janet’s web site at www.lapp.com.

Throughout I will respect your privacy so no one will be pushed to discuss openly something that they feel is provate. I am willing, however, to spend some time over lunch with individuals who would like some individual guidance.

Life is like a river

Recently while talking with a friend we came to an interesting anology of life being like a river or a stream. sometimes streams are more comfortable to image. We were sharing some life examples of how you can’t just sit back and go with the flow in life totally or it can be an excuse for not making choices. Sometimes it is an excuse for being stuck. But the stuckness is made OK because one uses terms like”I am waiting for what comes to me” or “God will tell me in time”. Or simply “I am just going with the flow”.

There are choice points along the stream of life. You need to pick your stream then go with the flow. but choose your stream or direction first. You might consider a kayaker in fast moving white water a risk taker. You may view it that way because if it were you, it would be a great risk. Kayaking is about going with the flow. This means using the flow of the river to help you get through. But you do need skill and caution through the rough spots. just like life.

The good kayaker knows when to back paddle to slow herself down. She knows how to get off into an eddy to take a rest or to get out on shore and look at what’s ahead. To decide whether or not a portage is necessary because the outcome woul dbe “unforgiving” if even a little error were made. It is knowledge and skill that allows the kayaker to take what others may call a big risk. The kayaker must be self aware, know their abilities as well as their limitations.

How are you progressing?

Do you have something you have been planning to do, as you “kayak down life’s river”? Something you may have set up as a direction for yourself, so you have chosen your stream or river. are you letting the waters take you to dangerous places getting stuck on rocks, or have you been diverted by a view that keeps you camped along the shore and not going anywhere? Are you well on the way to your stopping point, or has a bit of hesitation kicked in, or something else grabbing your attention? It doesn’t matter what you call it.

Dr Janet advises us to, “Uncover what you’re avoiding.” and gives an example of a writer asking “What’s happening that is making me divert? Fear. Fear of what? Being a failure. A failure at what? Writing, expressing useful ideas. Then what? Then I will feel useless and be judged.” She guides us to “Get to the bottom.”

More about the workshop

The location will be at the Williamsford Bookstore again. The doors will open at 8:30am so you can venture in, register, buy a coffee and a nibble, and/or just reconnect with people or meet new ones.

I will begin at 9:00 sharp. We will have a half hour break in the middle to browse and visit and take in the surroundings.  We will finish at about 12:30. The cafe is a lovely place to have lunch so you may wish to come with a friend or meet new firends and buy lunch there after.

I hope to hear from you.

To Register contact me by email at marieknapp@rogers.com or phone at 519 371 1255.  We will arrange payment through email banking (preferable), PayPal or a personal cheque.  I need 8 people to run this workshop and would like to limit it to 14 people maximum so that I can give more attention to individuals.

Thank you for spreading the word and passing this along to friends.

Welcome to my blog site

Spring seems to represent a time of moving forward … a time to honour the death on one aspect of life and rejoice in the sprouting of new things.  We see this represented in nature all around us as we notice the dead leaves and twigs from last year’s growth and the new buds and blossoms for the coming season.  As you ponder the teachings of nature, consider how the plants grow and blossom without knowing what is ahead of them.  How often do we set expectations for something that lies ahead of us?  Perhaps it is a family gathering or a relationship or a health issue.  Positive thinking can leave us negligent of ways we could  support or prevent or offset something negative.  Negative outlooks leave us discouraged, and hopeless. 

The greatest challenge is to be without expectations.  To be curious in learning and gathering information but to simply notice what is happening and in the moment be our best.   “Let go of the outcomes”  may really mean “let go of any expectations”.  Life is to be enjoyed.  Go with the flow.

But the challenge lies in going with the flow and having a degree of preparedness to be best able to use the flow to take us forward.  Recently someone commented to  me about that phenomenon.  “I want to go with the flow but I really want to be prepared, ” she said.  We talked about the fact that they don’t have to be mutually exclusive.  But it is difficult to actually know what that looks like.  How can we get a picture of life that depicts going with the flow yet being prepared?

When challenges of this nature arise, I find working with analogies and metaphors very useful.  We began comparing it to kayaking in white water on a river.  Actually I have paddled in a canoe on class 1 and 2 white water with my husband in stern so I can relate a little to this.  But I love watching him kayak in bigger water and that is what gives me a picture of the real meaning of the analogy.

When paddling in white water you have to go with the flow.  You use the energy of the water to take you where you are going.   There is no point in fighting the water.  It is powerful.  Trying to paddle upstream in fast water is a losing battle.  Life is like that too.

Who would venture into white water in a kayak and plan on  simply going with the flow.  No paddle; no knowledge of the water; no steering; no skills????  No way!!!  Being prepared gives you paddling skills to be able to maneuver the kayak in and out of eddies, for example, and to back ferry to reduce speed.  You use the flow of the water in combination with the boat and your paddle to guide the boat where you want it at the best speed.  A prepared paddler can read the water to avoid trouble spots, know when there are rocks too close to the surface or holes that would be difficult to get out of.

When we face new life challenges, we go with the flow.   Fighting it uses too much energy with ineffective results.  People build resilience to handle the challenges by learning good life skills.  By looking at the challenges from different perspectives, we can be more ready for the bursts of rapids, the stones that lie just beneath the surface ready to tip us over if we are not ready. Learning skills to handle the challenges helps us take life with less speed, noticing more and harnessing the energy of all that surrounds us. 

I love asking nature to reveal its lessons to us.  I love how nature can teach us and speak its wisdom.

Till next time,