Experience Shinpiden with Frans Stiene (Reiki 3) May 22-24, 2020 and Play Day on the 25th

It is with great delight that Sheila Murphy and Marie Knapp are organizing an event in Owen Sound, featuring Frans Stiene, co-founder of the International House of Reiki. Read below to learn about Frans and why we have been so inspired by learning from him.


The International House of Reiki holds events and teaches courses around the globe. Based in Holland, Frans Stiene teaches in North America, Europe, UK, Australia and Asia. Frans is also the author of Reiki Insights, it is the continuation of his previous book The Inner Heart of Reiki, taking your personal practice and understanding of the system of Reiki yet another step deeper. Click here if you are ready to read specifics about the Shinpiden course. If you are interested in the Reiki Play Day, please click here.

Reiki Teacher, Frans Stiene

Frans has been a major influence on global research into the system of Reiki since the early 2000s. His practical understanding of the Japanese influences on the system have allowed students around the world to connect deeply with this practise.

Students naturally respond to Frans’ warmth and intelligence. His own personal spiritual Reiki practise is a model that many students wish to emulate and offers great encouragement to those on the same path.

Frans is a co-founder of the International House of Reiki and Shibumi International Reiki Association with Bronwen Logan (Stiene). He has also co-authored with her the critically acclaimed books The Reiki Sourcebook A-Z of Reiki PocketbookReiki Techniques Card Deck and Your Reiki Treatment.

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A bit about Frans Stiene: Frans is based Holland and since 1998 has trained in a variety of countries such as Japan, Nepal, Italy, UK and Australia. Sheila and Marie have traveled to the USA twice to learn from Frans. They attended the Reiki 3 or Shinpiden course as well and the following One-day “Reiki Play Day” in Vermont in 2018. This April, 2019, they attended a four-day Reiki Retreat with Frans in Cincinatti, Ohio. Both have been inspiring events and have led to the planning for this opportunity to experience Shinpiden and/or the Play Day here in Owen Sound.
Location: The course will be held in the Harry Lumley Community Centre on the shore of Georgian Bay in Owen Sound.

Why Come to Owen Sound? While in the area, you can also enjoy many of Owen Sound’s wonderful features and attractions. Owen Sound and surrounding area is a four season tourist destination close to Sauble Beach to the west and Blue Mountain to the East. During the summer months 35,000 cars travel through Owen Sound daily.  Spring and fall has fishing derbies and mountain/other biking and hiking. The famous Bruce Trail practically surrounds this beautiful small city situated on Georgian Bay.  Cottages are opened on Easter weekend and the cottagers are around until the season closes at Thanksgiving.

Owen Sound  won one of the “culture capital” awards for a city of our size. Visit our Tom Thompson Art Gallery, Grey Roots Museum and several other smaller galleries in our area.

There is a large artistic community here.   Music people have compared us to the music movement out east because of the music festivals and music in cafes and the open mics that run. There is Summerfolk in August, Sweetwater Festival and Pratie Oaten Irish Festival in September, a lovely symphony, and music events by the bay at the rail museum during the summer, etc. There is always something going on. Check out Trip Advisor for things to do in Owen Sound

All types of accommodation can book up quite quickly; in fact sometimes they are booked a year in advance. May is the start of wedding season because Owen Sound has some larger venues than the surrounding places. Book your accommodation early.

Check out the accommodations in Owen Sound here. Note that it is best to stay on the East side of town next May as one of the bridges across the Sydenham River (which more or less divides east and west side) will be under rebuild and there will be a fair amount of traffic congestion crossing from west to east. Most Owen Sound hotels are on the east side of the city. The one closest to the course location is the Best Western Inn On The Bay. It is the nicest and most affordably expensive one in town but also has large rooms that could easily accommodate four people.

This May event gives you the opportunity to explore this beautiful area when the spring flowers, including Trillium, Leek, Trout Lilly, Magnolia and many more are in bloom. The weather can be very pleasant then and the venue is situated on the water.

If you haven’t already clicked on the above links, click here to learn more details about what this course is all about. If you have any questions feel free to contact either Sheila Murphy (sheilamurphy@bmts.com) or Marie Knapp (marie@marieknapp.com). People coming from out of province or out of country can send us an email with any questions and we will be glad to assist for best routes, airport info and such.

Please share this message with other Reiki people. People of any Usui Reiki lineage may be interested.


Marie and Sheila

Reflections on quotes from Frans Stiene

Summer busyness accompanied by dismantled routines distracts me. It is not easy to consistently follow the meditations I had intended to do. Today I begin again.  I remember not to judge myself but the tendency is there and it takes time to let that go and just accept and love who I am.

Frans Stiene’s latest book “Reiki Insights” (available on amazon .com) gives me some thoughts to remember. The Chapter on page 75 is titled “How  to Stop Being Uncomfortable with Ourselves” .  How true that the Reiki practices are not easy and can “stir up stuff”.  Generally we do not like looking deep within ourselves.  The process tends to be an up and down process for me. When I am uncomfortable with “the stuff” I dig up, I f ind myself slowing down my practice and even ‘accidentally’ forgetting about it.

Frans says “It is like trying to train a wild horse; the wild horse represents our confused mind. It takes a lot of effort and patience to train a wild horse and sometimes we fall off the horse and hurt ourselves. We stir up emotions , things we do not want to look at: fear, worry, anger, you name it. But if we want to help others, then it is of utmost importance that we start to tame our own confused mind first.”

It is when I do not want to look at myself that I tend to blame others, or circumstances, or life for what I see as my failings.  We do that, don’t we?  We blame others and/or ourselves, labelling ourselves and others in the process.  How can we get out of that pattern?  First we have to recognize what we are doing.  Oooooh that is a tough one!  How do we get out of this habit when we really don’t want to admit our shortcomings.

Frans tells us “It means that we start to accept ourselves for who we are with all our pain, discomfort, joy, issues and attachments. We start to become friends with ourselves again…  I call this ‘being naked’ with yourself.  Being naked is about accepting yourself completely, without judging or labeling.  It is letting go of criticizing ourselves.  The precept ‘show compassion to yourself’ is pointing this out.” 

This brings to mind the concept of the shadow self. I found reading Debbie Ford’s book “Dark Side of the Light Chasers” meaningful in helping me understand this concept.  Yet “getting it” intellectually does not mean that we are able to make it real for us.  I know in my head that when I see something I react to in another, there is a good chance I need to look at that within myself.  But oh how difficult that can be.  I resist.  And sometimes out of the blue one day, I realize at a deeper level that it is true within me and I need to accept it.  When I finally do that, does it ever change how I view the other.  Little by little, step by step,  I learn more about me and become just a bit more comfortable with myself.

This brings me to a question for you.  In one or two words, can you share with me/us what is the most challenging thing for you to accept about yourself?  Just acknowledging that can be a big step in your process

For me it is the “nastiness”.  You only need to give one word.

I can sometimes speak in a nasty tone with those I love the most.  I do not think of myself as a nasty person. But I am learning to accept that there are circumstances when that nasty side shows its face.  I don’t like it and I deny it but today I realize it is there, showing its face occasionally, but staying hidden from my self awareness.  In accepting it, perhaps it will be less hidden from me.

To end this reflection I quote Frans again: “When we stop labelling and judging ourselves, we reach a state of mind of stillness.”

The Reiki Precepts: Just for Today

Do not be angry
Do not worry
Be grateful
Be true to your way and your being
Show compassion to yourself and other.

Till next time,


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