What We Think Matters

My interest in how what we think really matters began many years ago.  It was brought more to the forefront when I started teaching Nursing and again after I began my graduate studies journey at OISE.  I feel we have only just begun to tap the capabilities of our thoughts as the starting place for … Continue reading What We Think Matters

Paddling Through Life

It was a weekend amply filled with reflective opportunities, especially paddling on the water. It seems the water teaches me many life lessons whenever I am open to it. There are different strokes for different situations when paddling a canoe. Paddling on a lake is much like paddling through life. Some times the water is … Continue reading Paddling Through Life

Be True to Your Way and Your Being

This Reiki Precept invites introspection and deep self awareness. Self awareness comes at a variety of levels. I find myself experiencing surprise levels when I least expect it. I love Nia This morning I was enjoying a Nia class with Wendy Roman of Rhythmwood. I felt my energy flowing more exuberantly as I moved to … Continue reading Be True to Your Way and Your Being

Visualizing Yourself as a more senior person

You may recall this message I posted last summer. Serendipitously I happened to come across it recently. The message is an important one and seems to fit well following the last three New Years related blogs I wrote.  You may wish to read them again: Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday; Looking Ahead, and Moving into 2019 with an … Continue reading Visualizing Yourself as a more senior person

Moving into 2019 with an Authentic Way of Being

Once again we approach another year.  2019.  Some see New Years Resolutions as a list of things you hope to accomplish; however many goals on the list are the same ones you had last year. So now what? Should you bother? Do do do.  What do we wish to do or accomplish?  What is really important?  Another … Continue reading Moving into 2019 with an Authentic Way of Being

Transitioning to the Traditional Reiki

Reiki is a spiritually guided energy that is always within us and surrounding us but often hidden by the blankets of our life involvements and confusing thought processes.  When we allow the Reiki energy to be more prominent, our wholeness is more evident. A calmness begins to reveal itself.  Our true self begins to emerge … Continue reading Transitioning to the Traditional Reiki

7 Benefits of Learning Reiki

Whether or not you have received a Reiki session, you probably have some preconceived ideas about why a person would want to learn Reiki.  Of course.  But I would like to take this opportunity to expand your awareness.  You may be surprised. Reiki is a wonderful means of providing self care.  This possibility goes beyond … Continue reading 7 Benefits of Learning Reiki