Meaningful Living: part 2

Once we begin to consider a theme or concept, like living meaningfully for example, doesn't it seem that you become aware of what actually is meaningful?  I do. Sometimes I think of meaning or purpose as a calling I feel drawn too.  But then I think of relationships and the importance of family and friends.  … Continue reading Meaningful Living: part 2

I need your response, please

Hi folks, I have had a few quiet moments over the last week.  Hiking in the woods, and kayaking on Georgian Bay give me stillness to tap into my creative spirit.  I would really like to hear your input on my thoughts for future blogs.  Your response to the following is going to be very helpful … Continue reading I need your response, please

Wishing you Joy, Peace, Love, and Enough.

Dear Friends and Colleagues, It is white outside.  Not much white but enough to brighten nature, to give contrast to the green cedars and darkish bark of Maples, Ash and Oaks.  Ahhhh!!! While some people are scurrying about gradually eliminating items on their lists, others are gathering around tables of delicacies sharing stories with loved ones … Continue reading Wishing you Joy, Peace, Love, and Enough.