Moving into 2019 with an Authentic Way of Being

Once again we approach another year.  2019.  Some see New Years Resolutions as a list of things you hope to accomplish; however many goals on the list are the same ones you had last year. So now what? Should you bother? Do do do.  What do we wish to do or accomplish?  What is really important?  Another … Continue reading Moving into 2019 with an Authentic Way of Being

Strengthen Your 2017 Intentions with Reiki

At this time of year we often feel prompted to review the past in an effort to consider a direction for the future.  Some call it "making resolutions".  I prefer to use words like direction and intention because it moves me to a place within where I consider how I want to be over the … Continue reading Strengthen Your 2017 Intentions with Reiki

Love, Inclusiveness and Helping Others

Please turn your tablet sideways for better viewing "To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven." Perhaps it is fitting that this week ends with November 11.  A week that may be looked back on as historical for whatever reason.  A week that reminds us of the divisiveness existing … Continue reading Love, Inclusiveness and Helping Others

Time away from mind chatter

What a beautiful morning!  I love the sounds of the birds, the glow of the sun through not-so-humid air, and the greenery dappled with bursts of multi-coloured blooms all over.  Ahhh summer! Here we are in the peak weeks of summer vacation.  We look forward to time away from the usual.  While for some that … Continue reading Time away from mind chatter

Meaningful Living: part 2

Once we begin to consider a theme or concept, like living meaningfully for example, doesn't it seem that you become aware of what actually is meaningful?  I do. Sometimes I think of meaning or purpose as a calling I feel drawn too.  But then I think of relationships and the importance of family and friends.  … Continue reading Meaningful Living: part 2

Personal Change and You

First let me tell you about the fall Retreat:  Self care, Soul Care I am delighted to share with you the opportunity to attend a small group weekend retreat close to Owen Sound in this beautiful setting.  This is an opportunity to catch your breath, reflect inwardly through some group discussions, writing exercises, walks in … Continue reading Personal Change and You