Benefits of Using Symbols in Reiki

imageIt is not uncommon for Reiki novices to resist learning and/or using symbols in Reiki.  I remember feeling that way at first. Perhaps they feel awkward using symbols that come from a different colour.  Or perhaps they feel it should not be necessary when it is the intention and the Reiki energy itself that is most important.  It is in working with the symbols that I realize how they focus and intensify specific energy.  Notice the symbol of the heart in the photo taken by a retreat participant last year.  The symbol has a lot of significance for her.

Having had an upbringing in a Church and school, symbols were part of religious ceremonies.  Perhaps that affected my view.  I spent some time contemplating how we use symbols in several other ways in our western culture.   Weddings, for example, bring a variety of symbols into ceremonies and celebrations purposefully to focus and intensify the energy of the experience.  In Western culture, we have wedding dress, rings, bouquets, table centres, toasts, dance, and more.  The love of the couple is what is most important but there is something more powerful when meaningful symbols are added even in a simple way.

There are three symbols learned in the second level of Reiki.  When I use the power symbol, I feel the energy is stronger.  It feels like I am channeling such qualities as empowerment, inner strength, self confidence, and such through to the client.  Besides the energetic connection to CKR energy of the power symbol, there is also something happens in my mind/body connection that triggers a response as I picture and draw and say (even to myself) the name of the symbol.  When I use the symbol on my chakras or to clear the energy in a room I also sense it’s effects and the power of intention is strengthened.

Similarly, when I use the mental emotional symbol, I image and sense a cleansing of my mental emotional field.  My intension is far more focused whether I am using the symbol for me or for a client.

I will write more about the importance of using the symbols in Reiki in the next post.  As many of you know, the symbols are the focus in Reiki 2 classes.  I will be teaching Reiki 2 next Friday April 22nd in my home near Owen Sound.  I still have space for two more participants if you have already taken Reiki 1 and are interested.

Share with friends as you wish.

Namaste,  Marie


Time away from mind chatter

IMG_0616What a beautiful morning!  I love the sounds of the birds, the glow of the sun through not-so-humid air, and the greenery dappled with bursts of multi-coloured blooms all over.  Ahhh summer!

Here we are in the peak weeks of summer vacation.  We look forward to time away from the usual.  While for some that time is still filled to the brim with to-do lists, for others it is truly a time to rest from the hassles of schedules, deadlines and technology.  Enjoy!  Remember what it means to experience peace of mind.  Let the crazy mind chatter that constantly invades your active brain slow down and subside gradually.  Allow yourself to rest in the beauty of nature, the closeness of loved ones, and the enjoyed activity of your body in an unscheduled but fruitful way.  Savour the moments.  Recall what is really important for you.

Soon enough you will be planning your fall activities.  Before long you will be scheduling for yourself and the family activities for fall.  This time, let that begin with a foundation of what is truly important and meaningful for you.   Let it arise from your vacation mind-set that recognizes, after all, what you really want, perhaps even what you see as your purpose unfolding as you move through life.  It is the time away that replenishes your soul and helps you rethink your direction.  Simply allow that to happen as you free yourself from the expectations of the life that awaits you when you return. Be in the present and breathe in the blessings of life around you.  Life is wonderful.  Enjoy!

Till next time,


Oh yes, I still have space in the fall retreat Self Care–Soul Care.  Another opportunity to reflect on what is important and meaningful for you.

Workshop: Intentions for the New Year … Jan 18th (new cost information)

What I love most about this time of year is the incentive we all feel to make meaningful alterations in our life style and lives.   Personally I feel enthusiastic about doing some fairly simple things that may make a difference in my health and general wellbeing.  As well I feel the urgent need to deliberately do something that will be helpful in making the world a better place.  May 2013 bring you many blessings.  May you find health, calmness, inspiration and camaraderie.  May you find joy as you reach out to others with acceptance and love.

Please give some careful consideration to this workshop I am offering soon.  When we each do a little, we can collectively make a big difference in the world around us.  And it is catchy. Keep reading and get a sense of the value of this workshop for you.

This will be a facilitated workshop where you will be working on those things you wish to set as your direction and intentions for the year ahead.  I will also offer you guidance on working toward the direction of your choice.

When:  Friday January 18th … 9:30am till 3:00pm (lunch included)

Cost:  $50 if you register and pay by Jan 14th.  

I feel the importance of helping people who are enthusiastic about making meaningful alterations in their lifestyle and in reaching out to others.  Lets work together to make this happen.

If you register as a group of 3 people, you will each only have to pay $40.  Help me get at least 10 people to come together for this.

After Jan 15th, the cost will be $70 until registration ends Jan 17th at noon.

Location:  in Owen Sound.  Specific location to be announced soon.

About the workshop:

Many of you already know the work I have done over the years related to Intentions.  The events of December world-wide have moved me to offer this workshop for those of you who wish to be heartened with a new energy of hope and love as we approach what is ahead of us.

We will begin with reflection on your personal values as the foundation.  Development of the intentions will include a focus on two areas:

  • your self-development which is important in terms of being able to be fully who you are as you also focus on
  • reaching out to others in your personal and grander world in a way that is connected to your purpose.

You will learn strategies to help you grow, stay on track and return to your intentions when you humanly slip away.  The workshop is designed to be inspiring and uplifting while at the same time practical and applicable.

Your participation in the workshop will involve reflection, journalling, visualization, thought records, goal setting, some sharing (as much as you are comfortable with and no more, I promise) and meditation (with attention to mindfulness)  plus other similar strategies.

Please feel free to email me at or call me at 519 371 1255 with questions or to register.  I would love to know of your interest too. 

Cheques can be made to Marie Knapp and sent to me at 294 Park St, RR 7, Owen Sound, ON.  N4K 6V5

Please email me before sending me a cheque.

I prefer to have at least 10 people to make this workshop run.  Please share this with other like-minded individuals. 

Intentions for 2013

The new year is almost here.  Or it is already here depending on when you read this and/or where you live.  At this time of year we often feel prompted to review the past in an effort to consider a direction for the future.  Some call it “making resolutions”.  I prefer to use words like direction and intention because it moves me to a place within where I consider how I want to be over the next year.

Sometimes my cynical side kicks in when I hear the term resolution.  Why bother when resolutions seem to fall away sometime between mid January and late February.  I think a resolution is often filled with “shoulds”.  Something that comes from without in an effort to please or impress others … or the mirror image of myself.

There are some very serious things to consider as I examine the direction for 2013.

  1. Unless you are uniquely blessed with a strange genetic aberration, you are likely getting older. Me too.  As we all get older, I find that health becomes a bigger factor in one’s life.  I hear people say things like “I want to be able to enjoy and play with my grandchildren” or “I want to have quality of life as I age.”  Health seems to be high on the list of directions for the coming year.
  2. At the same time, we realize our mortality and this is another factor that kicks in sometime after age 50.  It nudges one to notice the decreasing number of years left and the importance of leaving a legacy.  Depending on how close retirement is, a person begins to think about what next.  While on the surface people mention travel as something they want to do in the next phase of their lives, I have a hunch there is something underlying that response.  People talk about freedom 55 and I ask “Freedom to do what?”  So looking at what is next, how do I want to be in the year ahead?
  3. The last month or two has presented us with some horrendous and basically very challenging events worldwide.  Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, Connecticut, Fiscal Cliff, Idle No More, Family conflicts, Poverty, and more.  Our world is in need of positive influences from someone somewhere …  from people living ordinary lives just caring and giving attention to what is needed.  One person cannot do everything but when each of us considers one or two things we can do and ways we can be in a loving and caring way in situations in our lives, we become part of the movement to make the world a better place.  So how can I be different in the year ahead in an effort to help move us all to a better world?

I don’t have my intentions clearly defined for 2013 yet but I know they will include

      • something related to my continuing health,
      • something to focus my direction on the legacy I want to leave behind, and
      • a way of being that will make a difference in how I relate to those around me.

Want to share some of your intentions with me?  I would be happy to read them.  I am sure they will be heartfelt and honest.  I wish you well.

You may be interested in working more on this concept in the workshop I plan to offer on Friday January 18th.  This will be a facilitated workshop where you will be working on those things you wish to set as your direction and intentions for the year ahead.  I will also offer you guidance on working toward the direction of your choice.  Click here for more details about the workshop.

Happy New Year,

I wish everyone everywhere a year ahead filled with love and peace and joy.

Till next time,


Wishing you Joy, Peace, Love, and Enough.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is white outside.  Not much white but enough to brighten nature, to give contrast to the green cedars and darkish bark of Maples, Ash and Oaks.  Ahhhh!!!

While some people are scurrying about gradually eliminating items on their lists, others are gathering around tables of delicacies sharing stories with loved ones and commenting on how they really shouldn’t be eating all these things … but … it is Christmas.  We have so much to be grateful for.

May I add to the many wishes you will receive over the days of this Holiday season.  May your Christmas celebrations or other holiday feasts be surrounded by love.  May irritations and conflicts melt with the warmth that floods the space around you.  May your heart be filled and its overflowing goodness spread to those around you … and to those whose hearts are feeling empty or chaotic or hurting.

May you find the new year offers you many opportunities for joy and peace.  May you choose to focus on those things that are loving and caring.  And while we all wish for some degree of prosperity, may we be happy with what is enough.  May we avoid what is more than enough, by sharing that with others.

It may be that we have crossed the threshold into a new world where what is meaningful, spiritual and loving has reached a critical number and begins to grow exponentially.  Let us all support that notion and build on it with fervour.

All the best to you and those you love.

Till next time,


How mindful breathing helps stress management

The countdown is on and the big celebrations are only days away.  I would like to share with you a Youtube video by Richard Moss.  He reminds us of how our mindful breathing, in bringing us to the present moment, can help us relieve our stress and move to a pleasant way of being.  He points our the way our family can push our buttons as the tension of busyness increases.  Have a look at this.  It is good!

It only takes five minutes.

Happy Holidays!