What We Think Matters

My interest in how what we think really matters began many years ago.  It was brought more to the forefront when I started teaching Nursing and again after I began my graduate studies journey at OISE.  I feel we have only just begun to tap the capabilities of our thoughts as the starting place for … Continue reading What We Think Matters

Visualizing Yourself as a more senior person

You may recall this message I posted last summer. Serendipitously I happened to come across it recently. The message is an important one and seems to fit well following the last three New Years related blogs I wrote.  You may wish to read them again: Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday; Looking Ahead, and Moving into 2019 with an … Continue reading Visualizing Yourself as a more senior person

Give Attention to What You Want To See More Of

Please turn your tablet sideways for better viewing Let's make a change.  Let's be the change we want to create. Whenever we are tempted to share a Facebook message that gives attention to negative aspects of a person, a presidential candidate, a leader, a political party, a neighbour or family member,  let's stop and give attention … Continue reading Give Attention to What You Want To See More Of

Today’s Reiki Intentions

Today, I am protected from the influence of negative energies I may encounter. I am surrounded by white light, filled with a love that is pure, unconditional, non-judgmental and compassionate. The love energy that surrounds me moves easily within me and is shared freely with those I encounter, simply healing and spreading love without expectations … Continue reading Today’s Reiki Intentions

Fresh starts, new opportunities

With Labour Day weekend over, today feels like New Years day to me.  For so many years of my life the Tuesday after labour day was significant.  Perhaps I was starting something new like a new school year, or a new program at University, or teaching a new class.  Perhaps I was sending the kids off to a … Continue reading Fresh starts, new opportunities

Workshop: Intentions for the New Year

Workshop:  Intentions for the New Year Many of you already know the work I have done over the years related to Intentions. The events of December world-wide have moved me to offer this workshop for those of you who wish to be heartened with a new energy of hope and love as we approach what … Continue reading Workshop: Intentions for the New Year

What glasses are you wearing?

Before leaving for an outing, I was in front of the mirror putting on makeup.  "Not bad", I thought as I looked at myself and reached for my glasses.  "I really don't have many wrinkles". I put on the glasses and took another look.  Things changed. Whatever we look at changes depending on which glasses we choose … Continue reading What glasses are you wearing?

Habits Can Change

As Charles Duhigg draws his very informative 2012 book The Power of Habit (ISBN 978-0-385-66974-0) to a conclusion he writes: "Perhaps a sleep-walking murderer can plausibly argue he wasn't aware of his habit, and so he doesn't bear responsiblity for his crime.  But almost all the other patterns that exist in most people's lives -- … Continue reading Habits Can Change

Thought stopping: such a paradox

You would wonder why the very thing we spend our life learning to do, we have to stop doing for the sake of our wellbeing?  It isn't so much that we need to stop thinking all the time.  We just need to slow down the thoughts and sometimes actually stop the thoughts.  Let me explain. Thoughts and … Continue reading Thought stopping: such a paradox