Visualizing Yourself as a more senior person

You may recall this message I posted last summer. Serendipitously I happened to come across it recently. The message is an important one and seems to fit well following the last three New Years related blogs I wrote.  You may wish to read them again: Merry Christmas and Happy HolidayLooking Ahead, and Moving into 2019 with an Authentic Way of Being

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Birthdays are only a number.  Although this sounds like a light and perhaps frivolous comment, it is actually deeper than you might think. We attach too many expectations to age numbers, sometimes in the form of shoulds, and sometimes in the form of diminishing abilities. Currently I am paying attention to releasing limiting beliefs around getting old.  Let me share a personal story.

Time passes quickly.  Sixteen years ago was 2002.  That seems fairly recent. It is in this millennium, post 9/11, and post retirement for me.  That thought is  relatively neutral until I move those 16 years into the future and realized how old I will be then.  Those numbers will have accumulated rather briskly. Yikes!

At first I was dragged down by this thought, coupled by continuing notices of the serious illnesses and/or deaths of friends, acquaintances, former classmates and relatives who are my age and even younger.  Dwelling on this thought was a downer.  I began thinking of myself losing ground, becoming weaker, less involved.  UGH! It was not a good feeling and I noticed that it was affecting my daily life in the present.  I noticed that I already was beginning to cut back on things I loved doing.

I find that Reiki self practice often guides me to higher ground. While some of the above helps me feel compassion toward those experiencing ill health, compassion is not meant to drag me down too.  Reflecting on this, I began to notice those things that gave me insights into what I needed to do.  Perhaps synchronistically I happened to see a Facebook ad from Mind Movies.  Perhaps you have seen those.  Very useful perspective and exercises.  I happened to pass through some of the previous workshops I have led on intentions, visualizations, and the effects of our thinking. I realized that I had a limiting belief about getting older that I did not need to hang on to.

As a Reiki practitioner and teacher I feel it is most important to do my own self reiki and self healing.  The more I can heal old stuff within my thought patterns and past life experiences, the better I can work with others and provide the right energy and capability to offer what they may need at that moment for their highest good. Through self care, I see old patterns that can be released. For my own personal and spiritual growth, I see a practitioner who uses Reiki and other methods to help me release them.  We work well together because I trust her ability.  I never expect a magic fix.  It always requires inner work on my part and her capabilities allow me to be more aware of the required work.  I hope I provide that for the people I see.  That is  my intention.

After I went to see my energy practitioner, I also listened to some of the audio and videos on Mind Movies and it became very clear to me what I needed to do.

Besides releasing the limiting beliefs, my inner work was to create a visualization of me as an older woman, still participating in the growth of others, still actively involved and healthy as I engage in life.  I am currently working on that image of my true self, not giving it an age number, but seeing me in the image as an older woman.  I look vibrant, caring, energetic, bright, and mentoring others, facilitating, engaging and enjoying life.  My family are also enjoying my vibrancy as an older woman and we are doing fun things together.  This is uplifting.  This image contributes significantly to the vibrancy I feel today. I am making different life choices. I welcome Birthdays. I am grateful for them.

I invite you to pay attention to how you see yourself today and in the future as you get older.  If you have learned Reiki, it can be very helpful in asking for guidance and releasing the limiting beliefs.  You may very well be able to do this without extra help but if you need me, just contact me.  We can set up an appointment.

By the way, I find this concept is also useful for people who have  been dealing with some serious “stuff” from their past and want to have a sense of “where from here”.  When a lot of time has been spent reviewing the past and connecting it to “why today”, it can sometimes lead you to a stuck place.  You may need a way to move forward from here.  This may be helpful for you.

I would love to hear your comments about this blog.  Have you had similar experiences you can share either privately or on the blog?

Till we meet again,  Marie

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Warmly,  Marie

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Give Attention to What You Want To See More Of

Please turn your tablet sideways for better viewing

necklaceLet’s make a change.  Let’s be the change we want to create. Whenever we are tempted to share a Facebook message that gives attention to negative aspects of a person, a presidential candidate, a leader, a political party, a neighbour or family member,  let’s stop and give attention to what we would prefer to see.  Notice places, people, or situations, that demonstrate what we would love to see more of  and give it attention. Continue reading

Today’s Reiki Intentions

Today, I am protected from the influence of negative energies I may encounter.

I am surrounded by white light, filled with a love that is pure, unconditional, non-judgmental and compassionate.

The love energy that surrounds me moves easily within me and is shared freely with those I encounter, simply healing and spreading love without expectations of results or anything in return.

So it is and I am grateful.

Till next time,     Marie Knapp

Fresh starts, new opportunities

With Labour Day weekend over, today feels like New Years day to me.  For so many years of my life the Tuesday after labour day was significant.  Perhaps I was starting something new like a new school year, or a new program at University, or teaching a new class.  Perhaps I was sending the kids off to a new class or a new school or away for university.  My hearts leaps with that remembered sense of fresh start, new learning, new books, clean exercise books, sharpened long pencils.  There is an energy connected with the first week of September.  An energy of exciting anticipation, accompanied by curious flips through new books and new people with whom to connect.  Eager to do well, I imagined enthusiastically completing assignments.  It thrills me to think about it.

I know I am best at starting up new things.  Planning and getting things moving forward are my strengths.  I am not so good at maintenance and finishing up details.  It is good to know our strengths and to have patience with our less developed parts. This summer I willed myself to complete the book I was writing about Mom’s life.  Sticking to completion of the final draft was painful for me.  My struggling attention to detail felt like a snails pace even with the excellent editing and layout help I received.  But I did it.

I have recently purchased a new sewing machine.  Oh it is a smart machine, adeptly computerized to make me look good … maybe.  In the depths of my creative being, I want to be able to sit down and make it do what I want it to do with little effort on my part but … no … that is not possible.  There is a rather steep learning curve requiring my patience to become familiar with its many features.  As smart as it is, it still requires a relatively smart operator to let its features shine.  I am learning through all the struggles.  In spite of my impatience with the process, I know for sure that it is only through more practice that I can actually  work with it more intuitively.  It will come.

How much like life these examples reveal. How much they tell me of what stuff I am made.  How much it helps me learn more about who I am simply by noticing and being aware of my response to these situations. Sometimes it is the simplest of stories that tell us most about who we really are.

What do you notice about yourself?  Are you able to have respect for even your shortcomings?

by the way there are still openings in the October retreat.  I have added a new link to give you a little more information about it.  And I have added October dates for two half-day workshops.  Go to my website at and check out the drop down menu under events for the details.

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The Brow Chakra

If I were to have a favourite chakra, this would be it.  And yet I know that none of them work in isolation and this chakra could not be as active without the others also functioning.  Sometimes called the third eye, this chakra, when activated gives us the ability to use both right and left brain.  As a result, our perspective creates a vision of our world that intertwines both the logical and the intuitive.  When I talk about the power of the mind or the power of thought, it is through this chakra.  This is definitely an area I personally find both inspiring and fulfilling.

When we fully activate this chakra, we are able to examine and change our limiting beliefs.  Here we can access our wisdom.  Here we can strengthen our spirit.  Here we learn to aim for our highest good as well as the highest good for all.

While this chakra is connected with the mind, do not confuse it will being an intellectual or analytical thinker who trusts only what is conventional making them narrow thinkers, even though they may not see this in themselves.

You may ask “how do I use this part of me more often?  I aspire to wisdom and balance.”

It requires growing in self awareness while at the same time accepting others, seeing the good in each person.  Seek out people who think as you do and allow yourself to express your own uniqueness in ways that serve you best.

Personally I love spending time with friends who share this perspective.  I feel I am at my best when I have spent some time each day reading some inspirational material, or meditating or doing self Reiki.  I wish I could say I do this daily.  I get sidetracked.  My humanness kicks in and I forget.  But I notice the difference and when I return to this practice, my day flows much better.

From my learning and experience, I sense that we cannot function from this chakra alone.  It is by working with all the chakras that we are at our best.

Are you interested in a retreat?

I have been giving serious thought to offering another retreat.  If this interests you at all, let me know.  Would November be a good month?  Would you prefer an overnight or just two full days?  I am looking forward to hearing your response.

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Workshop: Intentions for the New Year

Workshop:  Intentions for the New Year

Many of you already know the work I have done over the years related to Intentions. The events of December world-wide have moved me to offer this workshop for those of you who wish to be heartened with a new energy of hope and love as we approach what is ahead of us.

When: Friday January 18th … 9:30am till 3:00pm (lunch included)

Cost: $50 if you register and pay by Jan 11th. After that, the cost will be $70 until registration ends Jan 10th at noon.

Location: in Owen Sound. Specific location to be announced later.

About the workshop:

We will begin with reflection on your personal values as the foundation. Development of the intentions will include a focus on two areas:
■ your self-development which is important in terms of being able to be fully who you are as you also focus on
■reaching out to others in your personal and grander world in a way that is connected to your purpose.

You will learn strategies to help you grow, stay on track and return to your intentions when you humanly slip away. The workshop is designed to be inspiring and uplifting while at the same time practical and applicable.

Your participation in the workshop will involve reflection, journalling, visualization, thought records, goal setting, some sharing (as much as you are comfortable with) and meditation plus other similar strategies.

Please feel free to email me at

or call me at    519 371 1255   with questions or to register.

Cheques can be made to Marie Knapp and sent to me at 294 park St, RR 7, Owen Sound, ON. N4K 6V5

Please email me before sending me a cheque.

I prefer to have 10 people to make this workshop run. Please share this with other like-minded individuals.

From out of town?

I can suggest some overnight accommodation if you are looking for that.

What glasses are you wearing?

Before leaving for an outing, I was in front of the mirror putting on makeup.  “Not bad”, I thought as I looked at myself and reached for my glasses.  “I really don’t have many wrinkles”.

I put on the glasses and took another look.  Things changed.

Whatever we look at changes depending on which glasses we choose to wear.  Or even if we choose to wear glasses at all.  Our perspective on any event or relationship changes with a different view and we are free to change the view as we wish.

And what an empowering choice it is!

Future event: Retreat: Moving Through Change weekend of Oct 20-21.  Check it out. Earlybird rate extended to Oct 7th

Till next time,



Habits Can Change

As Charles Duhigg draws his very informative 2012 book The Power of Habit (ISBN 978-0-385-66974-0) to a conclusion he writes:

“Perhaps a sleep-walking murderer can plausibly argue he wasn’t aware of his habit, and so he doesn’t bear responsiblity for his crime.  But almost all the other patterns that exist in most people’s lives — how we eat and sleep and talk to our kids, how we unthinkingly spend our time, attention, and money — those are habits that we know exist.  And once you understand that habits can change, you have the freedom — and the responsibility — to remake them.  Once you understand that habits can be rebuilt, the power of habit becomes easier to grasp, and the only option left is to get to work.”

Habits are really what we have fed to our subconscious to help us live our life easier and more safely at some very early stage of our lives and we simply continue to live them over and over forever or until some major event or upheaval or great insight shoves us into needing something different.  How empowering it is to realize that we can change and make our lives different.  But never does he pretend that this process is easy!

It is September.  I love September and find it is a time when I make decisions to change some specific things in my life.  This week is the week I am tidying things up and starting to make a schedule to incorporate activity, writing and play.  What are you doing?

You also may want to  consider attending the workshop and/or retreat I am offering within the next few weeks.  Click on the links for more information.

Workshop: Managing Daily Life Challenges Sept 14th morning

Retreat: Moving Through Change weekend of Oct 20-21

Till next time,

Happy September,


Thought stopping: such a paradox

You would wonder why the very thing we spend our life learning to do, we have to stop doing for the sake of our wellbeing?  It isn’t so much that we need to stop thinking all the time.  We just need to slow down the thoughts and sometimes actually stop the thoughts.  Let me explain.

Thoughts and images in your mind creates what we call a visualization.  Athletes use visualization to perfect their skills.  There are times when you have to give explicit orders to your mind to STOP certain thoughts.  Through personal experience and with clients, I have found this to be especially helpful when we persistently allow thoughts and images of a negative nature to continually run through our mind.  The negative thoughts make us feel yucky.

When you are playing the movies in your mind, you may be reviewing some past experience you did not like and you continue to replay it.  Your mind doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined.  For example when imagining something that gives you bad feelings, you will notice your breathing change to more fast and shallow, your heart will beat harder and faster, your pace will quicken.  This tells you that the mind has prompted the fight or flight mechanism to start.

Sometimes you rehearse something in the future in which you image a negative outcome.    You may be feeling fear, anger, hurt, resentment, or other negative feelings  It is like you are practicing what you don’t want to happen.  The more you play it, the more angry and frustrated you get.  Your stress level goes up.  When you meet that person again, rather than being in a calm place to respond with wisdom and clarity, you are in a nasty place and react with emotion.  Nothing gets solved.

When such a movie gets played, notice it, then stop it and find something particularly pleasant to focus upon instead. Do I think this is easy.  No it isn’t.  Even though I know this well, there have been times when I have needed some outside help to guide me.

Rehearsing positive things in the future to change our reaction to a calm response works well. It helps you change your thought patterns and the long-term effect is a change in your feelings and in your behaviour.

Try it with little things first.  This gives you the growing ability to use it when you need it the most.  Wishing you wellness with all that comes your way.

Till next time