Personal Power Resides in the Solar Plexus

Hello again, I hope you are all enjoying the ups and downs of winter.  It is easy to feel the low ebb of winter months with fewer sunlight hours, cold weather and more limitations on our time outdoors.  However, there are still ample opportunities to find joy in what surrounds us. Looking out the window … Continue reading Personal Power Resides in the Solar Plexus

Workshop: Staying On Track. Date changed to July 5th

This is just a quick message to say that I have changed the date of the workshop to July 5th.   Same topic and same cost.  Click here to review the details It seems that people are really busy while at the same time are very interested in the topic for this workshop.  Consider taking a morning … Continue reading Workshop: Staying On Track. Date changed to July 5th

How mindful breathing helps stress management

The countdown is on and the big celebrations are only days away.  I would like to share with you a Youtube video by Richard Moss.  He reminds us of how our mindful breathing, in bringing us to the present moment, can help us relieve our stress and move to a pleasant way of being.  He … Continue reading How mindful breathing helps stress management

How Activity scheduling works

I remember back in the days when I was working full-time.  Having a day planner was an essential part of making my day work.  Scheduled meetings, classes I might be teaching, work related phone calls, all made it to my day planner.  I couldn't manage a work day without something like that. Rarely did I think … Continue reading How Activity scheduling works

What glasses are you wearing?

Before leaving for an outing, I was in front of the mirror putting on makeup.  "Not bad", I thought as I looked at myself and reached for my glasses.  "I really don't have many wrinkles". I put on the glasses and took another look.  Things changed. Whatever we look at changes depending on which glasses we choose … Continue reading What glasses are you wearing?

Wise and Healthy Choices

We are fortunate to live in a place with many opportunities. Choices can be  one of two or numerous possibilities. Life can be like a “choose your own adventure” novel. Try making small healthy choices today. Perhaps you will choose to eat more fruit.  Another choice may be to write out intentions each day for a … Continue reading Wise and Healthy Choices